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    I update the websites for 3 different newspapers on a weekly basis.

    The 3 sites are all installed on the same domain, each in its own WordPress installation on its own subdomain. (WordPress Multisite is NOT being used.)

    I am seeing strange behavior from the media library in only ONE of the installations on one of the subdomains.

    I typically upload a large amount of photos at once every week, then insert whichever photos I need into each blog post as I create it. On this particular site, the media library has just started displaying the images in a different order than the usual (most recently uploaded first). Also, it displays most of the images as being broken. I have tried clicking the “Date” column in the Media Library, but the order doesn’t seem to change.

    The two ways I have been working around this problem are to either search by file name for the image I need when inserting in the post, or to individually upload each post’s image(s) into its respective post. These methods are more time-consuming so I’d really like to fix whatever’s going on with my Media Library.


    Edit: The only difference I know of between this and the other 2 sites are that I had Jetpack connected on this site. I tried disconnecting Jetpack to no avail. I also JUST updated to 3.8.3 with no changes. The 3 sites are the same (same theme, just different header images & colors), the only difference I know of is that the site that’s messed up is for a slightly larger newspaper (so more articles and photos). I do always resize and optimize images for web before uploading.

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  • I fixed it! Found a plugin installed that wasn’t on the other sites: Simple Custom Post Order. Deactivated it and everything is back to normal!

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