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  • Yes, same with me. The new version is not working.

    After installation of the new version, there are no folders images and scripts in \wp-content\plugins\wp-featured-content-slider. Maybe this is what cause the problem.

    joe8104 that is exactly the problem! for some reason this updated version does not install /scripts/ folder. I simply copied over the scripts folder from a previous version and slider works again!

    Thanks Permanence!

    For everyone else… just download Version 2.1 and copy the “scripts” folder in your new version plugin folder and it’ll start working.

    After I updated the plugin’s version, this code suddenly appeared in my web: <div class="copy_wrap"><a href="" title="webdesign">Webdesign</a></div>

    It appears that the author is trying to sneak some links within our sites.

    I’m having the same issue as MLavine. I moved my site from one host to another and then all of my images show at the same time. Isapan’s suggestion is to download version 2.1 and then move the Scripts folder from my current version to this older version. However, I can’t locate a 2.1 version of the slider. Can anyone help?
    Thank you,

    @laptophobo – Visit and on the right sidebar, the blue box “FYI” has a link “Other Versions”. Click on that link and you’ll get a page with all previous version links. Download ver 2.1 and copy the the scripts folder from that to your new plugin folder.

    Thanks for your help and for pointing out to me where the older versions of the plugins are at (right sidebar, the blue box “FYI” has a link “Other Versions”). I downloaded the 2.1 version and replaced the Scripts folder within my version (located at wp-content/plugins/wp-featured-content-slider/scripts) with the version in 2.1. However, there is no change.

    One thing to note is that the problem occurred after moving my website from one host location to a new one. It wasn’t a problem with updating the plugin itself. (I don’t know if that makes a difference.)

    Any ideas? Or, should I simply delete the plugin entirely and load up a new version? And if so, which version would you recommend? (I’m on WP 3.2.1)

    Thanks so much again.

    The plugin developer has published a new comment on plugin page… “Fixed the missing jQuery – Bug *”

    I downloaded the latest version and unzipped it. The script folder is there now so go ahead with latest version (download the latest version and don’t use your 2.3 version). Hopefully this sorts the issue at your end.

    Beyond this, I don’t know what else will 🙂

    I’ve deleted the plugin and replaced it with version 2.3. No change. I then replaced it with version 2.1. No change. This is strange.


    I have found the problem. When I viewed the Home page source, I saw that this link was not correct:
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    It should have been:
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    When I reconfigured to give WP it’s own directory (yet view in the root) this jquery script did not change to attach itself to the folder file.

    To correct the problem, I went into plugins/wp-featured-content-slilder/featured-content-slider.php and corrected the link accordingly.

    That’s great @laptophobo. I’ve been through lots of mismatched paths and configuration issues myself in the past. It feels very satisfying when we get it all working 😉

    Wishing you best of WP times!




    I’m getting a new problem on this, and correcting the script file path does not help. The plugin is there (I can see the toggle buttons) but the images don’t show. Maybe another file path issue?



    Hello Isapan. Have you any ideas what I can try next to get it to work?



    I’ve loaded the slider into a fresh WP template and it works. So, I went back to my original site and deleted and then reinstalled the plug-in. Still no change. Maybe there are some residual files or something? It seems like the plugin just can’t locate the images.

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