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  • Okay it works. I had a couple of problems:

    • I installed WordPress in a sub folder of my main site. In the “Link to pedigree chart page” I had to include the subfolder name before the page to the chart.
    • I had to add root=” to the shortcode on the chart page, otherwise it doesn’t show any data.

    I hope this helps someone. I don’t know if the developer of this plugin is interested in updating or enhancing it but I think it has great potential. I’m not an expert with PHP, otherwise I might try to enhance it myself. Good Luck!

    Hi !

    I can’t manage to get it work and would like to have one pedigree per animal, and several animals on the website. I also have my WP in a local sub folder BUT can’t understand what you mean, birdsongs16…

    If somebody could post a detailled step by step how to…

    And how to get the chart 50% its size (too large)…

    In the WP Pedigree Builder Options there is a field for “Link to Pedigree Chart Page”. Since I installed WP in a subfolder to my site called “breeder” I had to change this field to “/breeder/chart/”

    As for the shortcode on the chart page it should work with just “[pedigree-chart]”

    Regarding the sizing of the chart, It should fit if your theme has a 1000px width. Otherwise you might have to play around with the CSS. I recommend the Firefox plugin “Firebug” for identifying and experimenting with different CSS styles to get everything to fit correctly on your page.

    Thanks ! 🙂

    Any idea about having one pedigree per animal (several animals to show) ?

    /breeder/ folder, OK

    Why /chart/ ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !

    Is your website online ?

    The system will show the pedigree of each individual. Is that what you mean?

    The page doesn’t have to be “chart”. It can be any page, you just have to insert the shortcode [pedigree-chart] in it and also refer to that page in the Pedigree Builder Options.

    Then create your posts and make sure they have the category “Pedigree”

    Have you gone through the steps here?:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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