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  • Yes, I’ve found the same thing. But if I disable it, I’m not able to load the home page of the website. Any ideas for a workaround until the plugin is updated?

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    @protohominid – I’ll look into this issue soon and hopefully release a patch for it.

    @seadog-wp – When you disabled the plugin, did you also remove the code outlined in step 2 of the setup instructions?

    There should be no permanent side effects of implementing this plugin and disabling it. If you still have problems with that, please email me directly at

    I’m going to review all open issues before I start working on any individual problem, so please bear with me while I sort things out.



    The plugin seems to be working for me now. Not sure what the issue was, but it may have been a missing constant in wp-config.php:


    Not sure, but if I have this issue again and can troubleshoot it, I’ll follow up here.



    I have to go back and double check. Thanks for your response!



    I have the following problem: when in the new 3.5 media library when I click the insert in post button, the media library closes, but no image appears in the editor.

    The reason it all fails is because appearantly wp changed to relative url’s for images (hey that’s the good new, no?) and so RRU generates a notice.

    Notice: Undefined index: scheme in …/root-relative-urls/sb_root_relative_urls.php on line 142

    So this sends php errors to an ajax call, and that is often fatal since js expects json data…

    And it explains my two days of headache as to why my dev and production machine where showing different behaviour.

    The solution is probably quite simple, as any url that starts with a slash is already root relative, and so the plugin does not need to do anything in that case.

    OK, for people having this on production servers, you should disable DEBUG mode in your wp-config.php and for the others I suppose we have to fix it ourselves or wait for an update.

    Plugin Author MarcusPope


    @protohominid – that define statement is definitely required, but glad to hear it resolved your problem. I recently fixed another wp3.5 issue so you’ll want to update to ensure you can add media items to posts.

    @seadog-wp – That sounds really concerning about not being able to access your homepage with my plugin disabled. I tried to reproduce the issue on my server but could not. Would you mind trying again and making sure to remove or comment out the define statements added to wp-config.php during the installation? There should be no permanent change to the operation of your website with my plugin so I’d like to work this one out with you. Feel free to open a new support ticket if you are still having problems.

    @najamelan – Sorry you had to spend that much time on it. I just released a patched version 1.8. I gave you credit in the readme, but not in the version I just committed, so it will show up in the patch notes for version 1.9.

    Thanks everyone for bearing with a new dad 😀 And for reporting the problem!



    Marcus – I just updated my installation and everything works perfectly, even with the plugin disabled. My guess is that I had failed to comment out that code before, so I apologize for not doing that before reporting a problem. All is well. Thanks for your plugin and for your attention.




    thanks for the fix. Don’t worry about credits, at least not for me (and I didn’t even dig into the code to actually solve it).

    On time spent, well, it’s my head as well, what could be the difference between a dev and production server… Debug mode should have been a good candidate since it only requires changing one line of code in order to test it.

    Unfortunately I’m depending on ftp to deploy, so errors can easily be made so what I actually did was comparing all the files on the server and downloading everything to see if I had differences.

    Also it is peculiar how at least my debugging mind works. Since RRU was only throwing notices I didn’t make the link to the media library stuff. Then because in a sensible world, where the media library already has all the information it needs to insert a media in the article, I never figured they would do an ajax call, so that didn’t ring a bell. On top of that you would expect well behaved javascript to show an error message of some sort in case an ajax call returns wrongly formatted data, but it doesn’t.

    Many wrong suppositions leading to inefficient bug solving. Reminds me of zen and motorcycle maintenance and the story of Archimedes (what is the moral of the story? – you have to listen to the wife, take a break!)…

    Hi Marcus,

    I just installed this plugin. I working locally in MAMP with the url of “localhost:8888/auc” being where my install is.

    As denoted by the directions, I put this code in my wp-config.php file:

    define('WP_HOME', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    define('WP_CONTENT_URL', '/wp-content');

    Then activated the plugin and got this:
    Not Found

    The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server.

    Of course it isn’t; it’s not in the root directory. Even after modifying this: define('WP_CONTENT_URL', '/wp-content');
    define('WP_CONTENT_URL', '/auc/wp-content');

    It STILL tries to access the root directory. What’s wrong here?

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