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[Resolved] Broken thumbnails

  • Hi,

    Zemanta worked great until I moved to another server and changed my website url structure. Before, wp content would appear under http://noubel.com/wp/my_post.

    I removed the /wp from the url after the migration, so all my articles appear as http://noubel.com/my_post.

    It has 2 consequences:

    1. I can’t see the related posts thumbnails anymore, as it seems that Zemanta looks for them in the wrong plage.
    2. On Zemanta websiste where the algorythms take place, the old site url still appear (http://noubel.com/wp) and I can’t change it manually myself. I haven’t found a way to disconnect and reconnect my website to Zemanta’s platform either.

    Can you help me on this please? Wouldn’t it help if the user could reconfigure his url structure himself?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jean-François Noubel


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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