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  • We run several WP blogs at my school. I just created one for a fourth grade class:

    To see what it looked like before, watch this Camtasia video:

    Basically it was a variation on WP-Andreas01, minor tweaks, just some simple code edits and a new header image.

    It was working great last night – I posted the instructional videos above – and we are launching today. I went in to make a change to the theme, to add the time of day to the post stamp. Went to Dashboard | Presentation Themes and got this:

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description
    classic Stylesheet is missing.
    default Stylesheet is missing.
    wp-andreas01-12 Stylesheet is missing.

    I searched here and found several people reporting this problem, due to a mis-uploaded folder or similar issue. I quadruple-checked, that was not my issue. I am at school and can’t FTP from here like I can at home so I’m a little limited. Anyway I uploaded a fresh copy of wp-andreas01-12 using cpanel (what fun) and it shows up as above, stylesheet missing, and I KNOW the .css file is there, I see it in cpanel’s file manager.

    Just for yuks, I clicked around in the dashboard and on my plugins page, some are missing … specifically, wysi-wordpress:

    Is NOT shown on the plugins page, but IS active and working

    The wierd part is this is happening to several blogs on our server. Our host does not support third-party scripts so I haven’t contacted them but I am wondering if they maybe changed something site wide. I’m posting on their user support forums now.

    Any help is sincerely appreciated!


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  • More info…

    The issue is happening on ALL MY BLOGS on a particular server with this host. I have another blog with the same host, on a different server, that is not affected. Screenshots:

    This is how it is supposed to look: (server 53 is unaffected)

    This is how it looks on server 316:

    This confirms the file referenced above as “missing” is in fact present:

    Sounds to non-technical me that a some sever-wide database setting is muffed. Where should I tell them to start looking?

    Thanks, kj

    I’m having the SAME problem! My pages are hosted at totalchoicehosting. Everything is in order. However, I didn’t see a database entry for the themes location. Something else is up.. but what?

    I’m thinking, considering my own experience with a long time host, and several other posts herein lately, that a lot of shared-space host providers are doing some serious mod_security ruleset reframing.

    Ask your host. INSIST they tell you what’s going on….

    Thanks guys, and welcome to the “club,” ffunky. I’ve got a thread going in the TCH support forums on this. I’m seriously pissed. We’ve been a happy TCH customer for years. The best (worst?) part is that not all their servers are affected; since I have two TCH accounts, I was able to move the Zoo blog and it’s back up with a simple redirect.

    I can’t even BEGIN to understand the complexities of running a web server, but you know what, I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I just want it to WORK. That’s what I’m paying for. TCH is too good a host to have issues like this take down a major Web2.0 application on only some of their servers. I suspect vkaryl is right, something is being hunkered down, and unless every change to the servers have been painstakingly documented, they’re going to have a hell of a time finding it.

    It’s now been two full days … c’mon, TCH – git ‘r done!

    Because I’d been with my host for a long time, while they wouldn’t tell me the exact changes they’d made (logically), they did tell me why, and what sort of thing they were doing – finally…. after every php-based program I used quit working, and I had clients breathing down my neck.

    I quote: “The mod_security ruleset was beefed up somewhat. There has been a rash of increased hacker activity on our servers and other servers all over the world. The only solution to hacking attacks is to prevent them as much as possible. Once a server or account is hacked or compromised, fixing everything that the hackers changed can take hours if not days. The decision was made to switch to a more strict mod_security ruleset in an attempt to prevent future hacking attacks. This ruleset does not necessarily mean that our servers are hacker-proof, but it serves to reason that they are are tougher target now.”

    This host also only did part of the servers to begin with – including the one I was on. Over the next week, I got them to take the more-stringent ruleset off my account completely, with the understanding that I’d keep all my scripts up-to-date and maintain spam blockers etc. at the highest level – and leave NOTHING set 666/777 on any of the domains on that server.

    But they kept “sneaking in” more and more tighter and tighter bits n pieces, and I finally had to move to a host who seems to run this sort of thing better. I didn’t want to move, but then again, I’m saving $40 a month too….

    Thanks vkaryl. What host are you using now, and who was the prior one?


    kjarret – I just found your thread at TCH – I’ve been with them for years and have had no complaints either – but I too am having the same problem. Let me know if you get a response to your help ticket – I haven’t gotten one yet.

    kjarrett – I just moved to from

    Hi guys,

    TCH has found the problem and is executing the fix. It’s not mod_security. Apparently a few core PHP files got corrupted somehow. They are rebuilding the affected servers and moving clients in the meantime to other servers. That’s what they did for us and we’re back up.


    I’m experiencing something similar today, as well. I’ve been a WP user for 2 1/2 years, but just got WP installed on my new domain this morning. I uploaded several themes and plug-ins with no problems – then all of a sudden, all of my themes are broken. I uploaded a brand-new one after this started happening, but that one is “broken” as well. Check out my site to see. Who do I complain to about this? My host? That should be fun, since I’ve been a customer for all of 23 hours.

    Never mind…seems all I had to do was delete the latest post and all is well…still wish I knew what in that post broke everything, though.

    snarkwife, try reposting that post and see what happens….

    I’ve been having this exact same problem, I made a post about it here:

    I’m going to direct my webhost to this post. Hopefully it’s just some corrupted php files.

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