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  • – I moved a wordpress site from a subfolder to the root directory ( –> using the instructions here: I changed the URL in the Settings and everything.
    – Things seemed to work fine, sort of, except the theme (which I customized the css and a few other files for) seemed to not be loading. The html and images seemed to load, but not the css. I tried a different theme (“twentyeleven”) and it worked fine. The admin dashboard works fine. The theme I have been using, which I customized the css and such for, is called Filtered.
    – I checked the themes/ folder under wp-content/ in the root directory, and all the files seemed to be there.
    – I suspected the site might be trying to access themes from the old folder, so I changed the folder name (to “dev-dontuse!/”). Then the theme (twentyeleven) stopped working. I believe the site is still trying to access themes from the dev/ subfolder still, for some reason.

    –> How to I redirect the site to call in themes from wp-content/themes/ instead of dev/wp-content/themes/ ??

    Thanks so much!

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  • esmi


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    Looks like you missed something when you moved the site. Review the instructions again.

    I’m pretty sure I did not miss anything. Here is what I did for each step:

    1- I used option #2. I backed up ALL my files and copied all files from the main wordpress directory to the root directory.

    2- Logged in.

    3- Went to Settings > General.

    4- Changed URL to

    5- Changed URL to

    6- Saved.

    7- Didn’t open site.

    8- N/A – using v3.3.1.

    9- All the files are moved. I have a bunch of files in the root directory, and three folders: wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes; along with their subfolders.

    10- I have updated the permalinks several times. I tried deleting the .htaccess file and re-writing it (and checked to see that it appeared in my FTP again). I tried changing it from “Post Name” to “Default”, but after this if I try to go to any file (following the “View Page” link on the edit page) it redirects to the index file (which is an html file that reads “under construction”), so I changed it back to “Post Name”.

    11- I can’t see anything, nevermind images. But I did check a few links in the html of my pages and they look fine and are not referencing the old directory.

    12- The “store uploads folder” field is blank, so should just be going to default.

    13- The URLS in the links for images look fine.

    14- I looked through pretty much every single folder and don’t see anything that has 0000 for its permissions. Everything is either 0644 or 0755.

    15- I have a menu but I can’t even see it live — don’t think this is applicable.

    16- Not using MAMP or anything similar.

    I used Dreamhost’s one-click wordpress install to install wordpress originally. A friend tells me that this may be the issue, and that I should delete everything and reinstall wordpress. I’m going to try that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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