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    I have a problem with my Ultimate Member installation: All the content generated by the plugin (register form, profile etc.) contains a lot of p and br elements. This must be a problem with my (self written) theme or another plugin.
    It’s not only a display problem (I can fix this via CSS). But the JavaScript is also broken. All line breaks in the PHP files seam to be rendered using a p element…

    Can anybody help me with this? I would also pay for it. But I will only by an extension if this problem is solved.

    Thanks, Martin

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    Hi @martinft,

    Do you use any custom page editor e.g. Visual composer etc?
    Make sure to add UM shortcodes to the “Text” section on your page.
    Can you please attach the screenshots of this issue.


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    Hi @ultimatemembersupport,

    thanks for your answer!
    You can see my page here: https://www.meinstutensee.de/registrieren/
    There should be the recaptcha plugin, but it doesn’t work because of the p and br within the javascript.

    I don’t use a custom page editor, the shortcode is inserted correctly.
    The problem seems to be my self written theme – it works with the default twenty… one. But it only occurs in combination with your plugin – very strange…

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    I found the problem. It was a very ugly bug registering a new wpautop function within the theme… Sorry!
    But thanks for your support! Now I can buy some extensions 😉

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