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  • Our company decided to give Cookiebot a try about one week ago.

    After setting up an account on, I copypasta the script to our website.

    The cookie consent pop up window shows fine. I then tested the TCF compliance with the following script:

    __tcfapi(‘getTCData’, 2, function(tcdata,success){console.log(“GET TCDATA:”, tcdata);});

    The result shows FALSE.

    I contacted their support immediately and went back and forth with them plus spent the next 6 days only couldn’t get it working. Meanwhile, our website was at risk of GDPR non-compliance and losing advertisement revenue.

    Eventually, I had no choice but to move on to Quantcast and canceled my Cookiebot account. (FYI Quantcast worked instantly on my site! The setup process took 5 min.)

    AFTER I canceled the account, Cookiebot charged my card without my authorization on the ground that they scanned my website cookie.

    Their software doesn’t work.
    Their support offers no real help.
    They charge card without my authorization.
    They refuse to obey the EU 14 days refund consumer protection law.

    Cookiebot is literally a scam company!

    Our company is initiating chargeback right now. I’ll also share my story with other website owners.

    I’m determined to solve this by whatever means necessary.

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    Hi Vincent,

    I’ve reached out to you through our support channel as well as writing here.
    I am sorry you are unhappy with our solution. We do our best to provide a great service and this case does not reflect the experience of most of our clients.
    Please find my response to your individual claims below.

    Our software does indeed work and enables compliance across hundreds of thousand of domains.
    It seems that you never enabled the IAB TCF 2.0 framework in your configuration.
    In order to enable the framework, you must include the following in your script snippet:
    data-framework=”IAB” or by activating the IAB framework in our wordpress plugin.

    We have a great support team, doing their best to help our customers, however we should have advised you on the configuration mentioned above.
    I am confident that your experience would have been much different, had we managed to provide you with this support on our first interaction. I am sorry that we failed to do this.

    We did not charge you without authorization.
    We charged your account on cancellation as you authorized us to do when converting your account to a paid premium account.
    We offer a 30-day free trial for anyone wanting to test our full functionality. You opted out of this by converting to a full paid subscription, accepting these terms when providing your credit card details.

    Cookiebot follows all applicable law and legislation.
    Consumer protection law is not applicable for you as a company purchasing a service from another company.

    Again, I am sorry you had a poor experience and I am sure that if you are to give our solution a try again in the future you will see that it can work just great for you as well.

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    I see you decided to post a long message to make yourself look good and positive.

    You are only providing support here 10 days AFTER we purchased the software AFTER you get a 1-star review.

    I see you admitted the whole thing is your fault. Yet still refuse to issue a refund.

    All these will be used as evidence against you in our chargeback.

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    Their support are awful, the responses are rarely anything to do with the problem is like they have 2 or 3 responses they copy and paste.

    I ended up writing my own solution for another CMS… you know what it isn’t that hard and installed other plugins that all work better then this on WordPress sites.

    DO NOT fall for the ease of set up yes it is simple but NO it doesn’t work so is a complete waste of time.

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