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  1. tiamaureenjohnson
    Posted 2 years ago #

    URL: http://www.libertarianresources.com/

    This is a repost from Attitude theme support, because I am not getting a response there.

    After adding the plugin Revelanssi, my search results broke... at least that is what the plugin author told me.

    "You need to edit your search results template. It's broken, as it's missing post titles and links to the posts.

    <h3>"><?php the_title(); ?></h3>

    adds the title and

    ">

    adds a link to the post, when added to your search results template."

    The problem manifest by not linking search results to their source or apply the "Read more...".

    I attempted to add these tags to the search.php template to no avail. Is there some opening or closing tags I need to add? Is it common to add html to php templates?

  2. Please do not create duplicate topics as it makes it harder for members to provide you with support.


    Closing this one.

    The sub-forum for the Attitude theme that you posted in is right place to post.

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