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  • I just made some changes to my site but my RSS feed link appears to be broken.

    Im using Feedburner but the URL at the top of my site is pointing to the wrong URL I think, but I dont know where it is or how to change it for Feedburner to read it. I am using the Feedburner plugin but it’s not working i dont think.

    Please help! greatly appreciated

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  • I think it’s the URL that’s wrong, but I dont know what to edit in order to fix it…

    feed://http// is the URL.

    I would think it’s supposed to be:

    But also read it should be without the feed part:

    But where do I go to fix this broken URL?

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks vkaryl I’ll take a look now and reply soon, although I’m still using 2.0.5 so I’m not sure if itll help.

    Hmm I couldnt get that to work at all vkaryl.

    I ended up just changing the link to my feed to directly link to my Feedburner URL, but I dont think that’s helping matters for anyone who just wants to get normal RSS feed and not anything special.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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