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    I have a very strange problem with one of my wordpress installations:

    Everything works fine, with exception of the “(new) post”-pages in the backend. Whenever I request the page, only a deformed html-page is delivered to the browser, starting with:

    <div class="clear"></div></div><!-- wpbody-content -->
    <div class="clear"></div></div><!-- wpbody -->
    <div class="clear"></div></div><!-- wpcontent -->
    </div><!-- wpwrap -->

    -> only the footer is delivered.

    This occurs neither at a second wordpress-installation on the same server nor editing “wordpress-pages” – only post.php and post-new.php.

    I have not made any changes (wpfiles, plugins, themes, …) after the last post, that was successfully published (9 days ago).

    What could cause something like that and how could I start with debugging?
    There are no php-related errors and I am out of ideas.

    Thanks for your help,

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  • Okay, I fixed it by manually overwriting the wp-admin directory (ftp) – something I should have tried before asking for help here. 🙁

    I always autoupdate my installation in the backend and have not changed a bit since my last post, I swear. Very strange.

    I will change all passwords and keep an eye on the file-hashes.

    Solved. Thx.

    I too had this problem last week, and did the same by overwriting the wp-admin directory. Everything was fine, until tonight as I see that it has happened again. Passwords have been changed.

    Anybody have any ideas how this is occuring? Is it a bug, or something worse?

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    Yeah, this seems to be happening all over. I found it under another thread because someone thought it was related to 2.9.2. I had the same problem with my latest install, but just now I went to do a post on one of my old sites on 2.8.2 and I had the same problem. Worked fine last time I added a post.

    Nothing has been changed at all on my site. Very weird.

    Yes, very weird, as I just found that it has happened to me for the third time now.

    It happened again and I have a snapshot of the wp-admin directory before and after the error:

    Output of du:

    3364	./wp-admin-old
    3380	./wp-admin-error

    These files have changed (I misused a local git-repository to check this):


    What I see are huge variables that are used in eval(base64_decode("$d"));

    I will first review the content of the variable myself and thenpost the result of git diff.

    I have a bad feeling. 🙁

    The content of the base64 endoded variables is full of cryptic variable-/ functionnames and other base64 encoded stuff.

    Here is the whole diff:

    Please tell me that is something harmless.

    Oh no, hacked!

    This was in the encoded in class-wp-filesystem-check.php:

    $ar_access_ip[1] = array("", "", "10.10.844.51", "23.1405.93.19", "714.10.898.7", "", "10.19.714.83", "425.17.23.51", "", "425.425.898.39", "15.39");
    ===================== ЗлОуУГУЪ·З·ЁУГНѕЈ¬ФміЙТ»ЗРєу№ыУл±ѕИЛОЮ№ШЎЈ====================
    ====================== ЧоєуФ¤ЧЈ°ІИ«МмК№µДГїТ»О»ЕуУС·Й»ЖМЪґп =======================
    Codz by angel(4ngel)
    Make in China


    Archive with the files mentioned above:


    Any ideas what to do next?

    Just a little FYI, while browsing my files on FTP a few minutes ago, I noticed that in the classic theme, prepackaged with WordPress, a file was added “archive.php” this file was over 100kb in size, which was the first thing to look out of place. After checking a copy of the WordPress download on my PC, I also noticed that the classic theme did not come with an archive.php file, inspecting the file, I found tons of code relating to what a previous post stated about eval(base64 ,etc, etc. I’ve since deleted that file as that is obviously one thing these hackers used to access my wp-admin and change the post-new.php files and such.

    I hope this helps.

    It is even worse:

    find ./ -iname "*.php" | xargs grep -H -n "eval(base64_decode"



    I changed my PHP and MySQL version and overwrote the whole WP-Installation.

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