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  • I recently updated to 3.8.1 for this particular website (other sites I manage updated fine) and although all the other Dashboard pages work ok the two above don’t.

    Selecting updates or plugins from the Dashboard give me an empty page and viewing source for these files indicated they are empty.

    Can you please advise on a safe way of restoring these files?

    Many thanks

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  • I am not sure this will fix your issue, however I do think it is worth atry. I would advise you to make a good backup before trying my suggestion. Download the WordPress package on to your desktop and extract it. Now try replacing the plugins.php and the update-core.php on your site from the extracted files using FTP. Please make sure you are replacing the files and ensure the replaced files have the necessary permissions as described here.

    Thank you Saravanan I will give this a try.

    Hi Saravanan

    I gave this a try but it didn’t work. Eventually got to the core of the problem though i.e. appears to be down to issue with All-in-one-Event Calendar which I have had to brute force disable.

    Best regards

    Interesting. Is the problem fixed?

    Not yet as the Event plugin is disabled and cannot use it. I have raised the issue on the Timely support forum. Will await to see what comes of it.

    I have actually been able to resolve the issue with Calendar plugin i.e. appears there is a conflict with another plugin. At this time not sure which as have disabled quite a few older plugins on the site which seemed to resolve the problem for now. If I manage to have more time or come across this issue again will post my findings.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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