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  • I have set my permalinks to display in the following fashion in WordPress:

    However, it keep showing up as

    Now, when changing it to, say, %post_name%, the url field displays the link as it should, namely – the interesting this is, though, that when hovering over links to my posts on the front page, displays something else in my browsers status bar. Instead of showing in the status bar, it shows Clicking the link does render the correct page (and it does end up at post-name-here eventually), but I can clearly see that the is reencoded to when clicking that very link. A sort of redirect going along the way? I’m clueless.

    If anyone can grasp what I’m trying to describe here, any help would be greatly appreciated. No matter what permalink format I use, it is always displayed as in the browsers status bar. That’s just not how it’s supposed to be, is it?


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    esmi, I should have pointed out that I have been through that document already, without finding a solution. Permalinks are enabled, and .htaccess is edited in accordance with the steps outlined in the Codex for pretty permalinks. From what I gather, I do have the correct settings. Unless the behaviour I described initially is the expected behaviour (that permalinks are only a cosmetic feature), namely that links will look different in the source code, but display “properly” in the address bar upon loading. If so, no problem. If not, there’s an issue, as far as I can tell.

    The problem is that somehow, when changing the permalink structure, this is NOT reflected in the actual links on the webpage (that is, in the source). When viewing the source, the links are still in the same format (, instead of However, clicking the link will take you to, (because WP redirects it there on basis of the permalink structure?). On other WP sites I visit, this is not the case. The links are the same in the source as they are in the address bar.

    Still a tad confused. If anyone could please elaborate further on this issue. I’m a layman, no doubt! Thanks!

    Anyone? I really have no idea…

    @voxpress – did you find a solution to this?

    @pstranney: nope. Well, sort of.

    From what I can gather, this is related to a specific child theme I created from another theme (Origami to be specific). For some reason, the child theme acts as described initially. The parent theme (and other, non-related themes), however, act properly. Why this is the case for the child theme in question, eludes me.

    If you would like to add to this thread, pstranney, please do!



    Interesting, I happen to be using the same theme;

    I guess I should contact the creator and tell him off.

    Thanks for that. I’ll post my findings

    Vote pedro

    That is interesting, indeed! Checked your site, identical permalink behaviour. I’m scrapping this theme in any event.

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