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    Hey guys I’m very new to wordpress and have been able to get most of my website up due to reading tons of articles and tutorials but I seem to mess up my pagination linking on my portfolio section.

    Heres my problem:

    When you are there, it shows my latest portfolio projects. But when you scroll down to the paginated links to go to the next page of projects:
    It doesn’t work. A 404 error occurs. It has something to do with a broken link but I can’t figure it out. Before this error occurred, I was changing the links around on the pages but was unable to undo the problem. I tried deleting all the pages and started all over and still the error occurs. Is there anything I can do to reset something? The theme is bizz and if there is anywhere I can go look to fix this I will greatly appreciate it.

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  • Is the custom post type slug also called ‘portfolio’? This can break things on pagination. To test, try to change the listing page slug to something else, like portfolio-items, and see if it works then?

    It works! Simple as that. I changed the slug but I would like the name to be ‘portfolio.’ Is there any I can get around that? If not its cool. Thanks a lot pal!

    the only way around it would be to rename the post type slug instead. However, I reckon that doing that would mean having to reenter your post data, as WordPress would regard the new post type slug as a new post type… plus you’d then have to modify all queries that referenced the old ‘portfolio’ post type.

    Before I tried deleting everything (the portfolio page and posts) and then re-adding my portfolio projects to see if would work but it didn’t. I wouldn’t know how to modify the queries and all that since I’m still a beginner at this. All I do is make graphics ;D Thanks a lot for the input!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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