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    This is not a bug. And the plugin is not broken… as far as I understand what you’re saying.

    There is never a textarea for album post types. Only the Add Media Button.

    If you want to modify an album after creating it, click the Add Media Button, and then use the drop down menu to select “Uploaded to this post”.

    Then edit the audio files in the dialog and save your changes.

    “Uploaded to this post” is blank.
    If I add media, I can’t retrieve list of files added to an album.

    Plugin Author sedevelops


    I just tested this on WP 3.6, Mac OS 10.7.5, Chrome. Everything works exactly as it should.

    Uploaded media must be added to the Media Library from WITHIN the album post.

    It will then show up as “uploaded to this post”.

    If you’ve already uploaded your music elsewhere in WP you can always just use the autoplayer by actually inserting the mp3 links into your regular post, and then using the AutoPlayer from the TinyMCE dropdown.

    This will collect all of the mp3 links (removing the mp3 <a> tags form the post) and display them in a player. You can set the cover maually by adding the ‘cover’ attribute in the smart code.

    Check out the readme.txt

    Sorry, but I need support for this.

    I actually uploaded and attached many files into a post, user can play it with JETPACK EASY PLAYLIST.

    When I attach your player, I get this message:

    This is strange, because in the same post I attached my audio files.

    Then I try to insert with ADD MEDIA, I attach an existent track and I save the album, but I get same error: NO TRACKS TO PLAY.

    And in a post edit, list of albums doesn’t display my created albums.
    Just AUTOPLAY and AUTOPLAY DL options on combobox.

    Plugin Author sedevelops


    Sorry for your troubles. But it sounds like they can be resolved by following the instructions in the usage section of the plugin page or the README.txt file.

    It sounds like you’re trying to make the plugin work in the way you imagine it should work instead of in the fashion demonstrated in the README.txt.

    Please read carefully.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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