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  • Shoot..! One of the best, most used plugins is now broken on WP 3.5.1.

    Installing is ok, but when I activate it and click on “Update” the website logs me out, and I can’t login back (unless I go “back” on my browser).

    I really need this asap so unfortunately I’ forced to use another plugin, which I’m researching at the moment.

    Will be delighted to go back to this once it works.


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  • Almost the same here. But I don’t see any changes at all, the plugin just doesn’t do anything. on/off – absolutely no effect.

    Hi BusinessBloomer,

    I’m afraid I can’t replicate that on a fresh WP install. I’m using 3.5.1 and the latest version of the plugin.

    If you can provide steps to repeat this, as well as some info on your server setup, I’d be happy to take a look!

    Having the exact same problem as Tevashov. The on/off is having no effect.

    Just did a fresh 3.5.1 WP install tonight on my domain and after the plugin was not working, had to replace the index.php file with an index.html file I had designed for my under construction page. Thankfully this temporary html file is showing when I go to my domain but I’m not able to build while the site while the index.php file is replaced.

    Please help, jkmassel. Thanks!

    BusinessBloomer, were you able to find another plugin that works for 3.5.1? I haven’t found a single one! Thanks!

    llibke3, can you give me any details as to who is hosting your site, or what software the server is running?

    Ok, I just got a new Gatorhosting account and I like using WordPress. Before when I had to pull my sites down every single Under Construction plug in worked. Now with this new account even talking to tech support at Gatorhosting we can not get even the basic plugin underConstruction to work at all.

    Unknown software running the server, I pay for my hosting.

    BTW this is an issue due to all my edits are being shown live and my site is based on Public Relations…Really very unhappy right now.

    kaet – that’s really strange. Can you be more descriptive about exactly what it’s not doing? Are you unable to install it? Or unable to activate it? Or is it just that you still see the site with it turned on?

    Three different plug ins…all installed separately…all enabled after installed…all showing site is turned on.

    I have just been having the same problem as BusinessBloomer, and was able to backtrack through my history to disable the plugin thankfully.

    I set the plugin to active (on), and it seemed to work perfectly fine, in the fact that the website was showing ‘under construction’. I could still access the wp-admin login page perfectly fine, but now when I enter my credentials, nothing happens. The page will try and load, and your login will fail, but with no “cannot login” warning of any sort, just refreshes and leaves you login name intact.

    Sionysion, try disabling the plugin again then upgrading.

    That issue should be fixed in version 1.10.

    Sorry for the hassle everyone.

    Hi Jeremy, sorry for the delay!

    — The server is running Apache 2.2.23
    — PHP version 5.2.17
    — MySQL version 5.5.23-55

    Does this help?


    I have exactly the same problem since updating to 1.10. Can not log in anymore.
    Error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_editable_roles() in /var/www/web120007/html/blog/wp-content/plugins/underconstruction/underConstruction.php on line 135

    Until 1.9 it works great.

    Please HELP, I cannot log in!
    Thank you.



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    FTP into your site (or whatever file management application your host provides) & delete the wp-content/plugins/underconstruction folder.

    And if you do not want errors displayed on your site, contact your hosts and ask them to configure the server to suppress visible errors.

    Jeremy, 1.10 may not be working for these folks but my issues are resolved — it’s working beautifully again! Thanks so much!!!


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