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  • Hello.

    I have been using Pods and Search & Filter together for close to a year. It has been working fantastically up until very recently. I did not changed any Search & Filter settings between now and when it last worked successfully.

    This was my original shortcode

    headings="Modeller,Subject,Era,Propulsion Type,Country,Build Method,Scale,Primary Material,Model Type
    submit_label="Apply Settings"]

    build_type (field #6) was displayed as a non-selectable list, not a drop-down.

    I changed the order as follows, and model_material (again field #6) was displayed as a non-selectable list.

    headings="Modeller,Subject,Era,Propulsion Type,Country,Primary Material,Model Type,Build Method,Scale

    I changed it again, thinking a different field in position #6 would fail, but this time it was subject_type (field #7).

    headings="Modeller,Propulsion Type,Era,Build Method,Scale,Country,Subject,Primary Material,Model Type

    I tried one more set, and this time everything is correct.

    headings="Modeller,Build Method,Scale,Primary Material,Model Type,Subject,Era,Propulsion Type,Country

    On a page (not a Pods custom post type), all of these combinations work correctly.

    I hope you can help.

    Thank you,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I looked at all the tickets with replies, and the most recent one from the plugin author is from 4 months ago. The rest are from the original poster or someone with the same problem.

    I could hope for more attention for the users of the free version of the plugin, but I understand that “you get what you pay for” in many cases. So this is not so much a complaint as a statement that I cannot leave my site in a broken state for 4+ months. Fortunately, I have a workaround. As stated, I have accidentally found that my problem can be fixed by changing the order of the fields. The order is not the one I would choose, but it works.

    If I change the order so that it works, the problem will not be there to demonstrate itself. If the plugin author ever finds the time to reply to this topic, I will be happy to revert the order to one that exhibits the error for the sake of debugging the problem.

    BTW – I also tried setting hide_empty for each field instead of just one (hide_empty=”1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1″). That made no difference.

    Thank you.

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    Hey @hrsms , we’re doing a huge plugin update (bringing our Pro admin UI to the free version) as well as many bug fixes in about a month.

    Let me know if you have the same issues when the new upgrade arrives.


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