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  • Please don’t throw highly technical language at me because I may not understand it.

    I created a website using a child theme (based on Responsive). I built it locally with Bitnami. Then I migrated it to a subdomain for the client to preview. I simply used FTP to copy the wp-content folder to the subdomain. Then I started running into problems:

    1. The Menus were missing.
    2. The CSS for my one menu wasn’t working.
    3. The links to media are not working.

    First, after I got the site configured (which is hard for a newbie), I noticed that the menus were missing. So I Exported the local site and Imported it into the new site. This gave me menus (but I think that there must be a better way).

    But then I noticed that my Child Theme CSS for the menu styling wasn’t working for one of my menus. It turns out that the IDs for the menu had changed (ex. #menu-item-174 is now #menu-item-223). So changed the IDs. (Why did they change?) Then I noticed that my background-image for the one special menu button would not load from the “uploads” folder. I finally gave up and uploaded another image into my child theme folder and linked to it that way.

    Third, I noticed that all the links to media in the “uploads” folder are broken. The media is in the folder. The link appears to be correct. But even if I put that link into my browser, I cannot view the media (all images). I tried this: It tried to change http:/localhost/wordpress to http:/ using the searchreplace.php. (But do I know what I am doing? NO.)

    You can view the site on my subdomain here:

    Maybe all I need is a good tutorial on moving the site correctly. I looked, but could not find one. This one was not helpful to me:

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  • From previous experience of moving wordpress, when things have gone wrong, nine times out of ten they won’t be for the same reason.

    Now I can’t answer all of your questions but i’ll share with you the guide that I stick to every time I move wordpress, which rarely fails me.

    1. Backup your Website and Database (The most important step)
    2. Upload site to new domain/subdomain
    3. Change the wp-config file to new database details. (only if you have moved the database
    4. Use the search and replace tool to update all your links. (e.g. if you made your site at ‘’ and you moved it to ‘’ you would search for the first address and replace it with the second *Be advised though if you haven’t duplicated the database then it will change all the links in your original site as well, making it unusable)

    some notes i have picked up along the way –

    – if you have a caching plugin installed then this may cause links to re-direct to old site
    – If home page works but others don’t then you need to update permalinks in admin area.
    – Changes can take time to update (depending on host) so links may appear broken at first.

    Now i’m not saying this is the correct way of doing doing things, it’s just the way i have found to work more often than not so hopefully you may be able to take something from it

    Good luck!

    OK, a couple things.

    1. How do I Backup my local installation of wordpress (website and database)?
    2. The media is on the server, but it is inaccessible. Check this link to a media file: It is on the server but it cannot be seen? I don’t get it.

    I am a newb, so don’t assume I know very much.




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    1. All you really need is a copy of the wp-contents folder and a backup of your local database.

    2. Try checking your site’s error logs for a more specific error message. Your hosts should be able to help you in accessing your site’s error logs.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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