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  • Hi mrichmon,

    Try this plugin – – as it worked for me.
    (….I have since disabled BLC from network-wide activation & now enabling it site-by-site as I’ve been trying to locate a (new) problem with not being able to log-out on multisite(solution: clear browser cookies…), but when I had it enabled across the whole network it was definitely working fine in conjunction with the “proper network activation plugin” – prior to installing the plugin I had same problem as you, with error messages etc). The plugin will probably be helpful for properly activating other plugins, too.

    Hope this helps you.

    Hi Karban,
    The “Proper Network Activation” plugin resolved the problem. Thanks for the pointer.

    For any future readers, I did the following:

    • Removed the “Broken Link Checker” plugin from all sites
    • Installed the “Proper Network Activation” plugin via the root site Dashboard and activated “PNA”
    • Installed the “Broken Link Checker” plugin via the root site Dashboard and activated “BLC”

    After these steps I verified that the BLC settings are available in each of the Sites in my network and verified that the checking returns results into the Dashboard for each Site.

    Whoo-Hoo! so I’m not as dumb as I look….!! 😉
    Glad to hear it worked.

    Does this also resolve the issue that in network sites it sees ALL links as broken? I noticed even if you activate on a single site after install every linke is shown as broken.

    We’re running into this issue now too, on a Multisite. I installed the Proper Network Activation plugin, Network Deactivated the Broken Link Checker, then re-Activated it, but that error is still there throughout the network:

    Broken Link Checker installation failed. Try deactivating and then reactivating the plugin.

    Has anyone found a way to fix this? I can’t find any similar plugins for multisite to replace it with, so hoping this one works.


    I’m seeing the same issue as malawimama; crossing my fingers that someone’s solved this.

    I was wondering if anyone has an update to this. I’d love to use the plugin on multisite. Thanks!

    I just ran into this today. I created two new sites yesterday and BLC displayed the error mentioned by malawimama. The workaround is to network deactivate BLC, activate and then deactivate BLC in each site, then re-enable network activate and it all seems to work at at that point. I haven’t confirmed this, but I don’t think BLC is creating the tables it requires at a site level when you add a new site after network activating.

    We had to totally uninstall, then activate it manually on each of the 200 websites. I did find that this was the issue with some other plugins too, for different reasons, so it may be a combination of issues. I don’t know (I’m not a programmer).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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