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  • Upon updating to zBench 1.1.6, all links in my posts, as well as some layout objects are nonexistent, or misplaced. What’s going on here? Screenshot linky.

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  • esmi


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    Does the problems disappear if you switch to the Twenty Ten theme? If yes, then the problem is within the ZBench theme itself.

    Impossible to tell with a screenshot. visiting your site, you have switched to twentyten….. which is a good troubleshooting step

    Try your site with no plugns active to see if they are jacking things up
    Run your site through here to look for coding errors (like mistmatched tags)

    Yes, I’ve got the Twenty Ten theme up now in place of zbench, and it works perfectly fine.

    Alright, I’ll try that Voodoo.

    Disabling plugins has no effect, and the w3 validator comes up with twenty errors…Oh, and I’ve put it back on zbench for now.

    Its either browser specific, or on your end. Everything is laid out fine and links work on IE

    Very odd, it shows up as broken to me using chrome and/or firefox, on multiple PCs. Internet Explorer does work properly, though.

    OK, so it’s browser specific, and not related to the code errors on the validator.

    That leaves you with the choice of contacting theme author, or having a go at fixing the issues yourself…. maybe browser specific css sheets, or a new theme I guess….

    I tested your blog in FF3.6.14, Chrome10, Opera11.01, IE8. Style no problem.Screenshot: chrome, firefox, ie8, opera.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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