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  • Hello,

    I noticed that some category translations are no longer linked together bidirectionally.
    I don’t know when the problem started, and if it’s the consequence of a PHP upgrade, a database cleanup, or a Polylang update.

    The problem is, for example, that:
    taxonomy=category&tag_ID=3 is set to English, and its translation is supposed to be taxonomy=category&tag_ID=34 (French)
    – They both used to be linked together correctly.
    – From the admin area, I can now see that Category 34 (French) is correctly linked to Category 3 (English).
    – But not the other way around: in the category list of the admin area, the English category has a “+” sign under the French flag column.
    – When I try and edit Category 3, the selector of available categories to link shows no categories available to pick (presumably because Category 34 is already “taken”).

    This happens with about 3 categories out of 26, and half a dozen of tags out of 50.

    My guess is that I’d need to dig into the database and manually fix the relationships there, but if there’s any advice that you could give to make this easier and safer, it’d be much appreciated!

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  • Thread Starter Francesco


    Hello and happy new year 🙂
    I’m just wondering if someone had any idea about this issue. Any help appreciated!

    Thread Starter Francesco


    To add to my findings, in the wp_terms table I can see a list of categories and tags.
    The categories and tags that got unlinked show with their original slug.
    Then, I can see a series of pll_string (such as pll_55c08684bc2b3), which might be the interconnected categories processed by PLL.
    So should I intervene in this table, and how?

    Plugin Author Chouby



    I would suggest to avoid doing things directly in the database. But you should be able to restore things from your interface, by re-saving the term where the link appears correctly.

    It’s also possible when two terms (or posts) are totally separated to link them by using the autocomplete field:

    Thread Starter Francesco


    Thank you @chouby for your reply.

    I have tried re-saving the term where the link is correct, but it doesn’t help.

    I’ve also tried re-estabilish the link via the autocomplete from the term where the link is correct, and re-saving, but also doesn’t help.

    And about the autocomplete, unfortunately it doesn’t work for the terms where there is no link. It spins and either finds zero terms, or only lists the other unrelated terms that have the same issue.

    For one term, the autocomplete suggests two lines which are the same term.

    I’ve now also noticed that some of the inter-links displayed in admin don’t match with the frontend.

    There’s something very odd and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. It’s been like that for a while unfortunately. Any help or ideas you could suggest would be very welcome, Chouby.

    Thanks in advance.

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