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  • Hi!

    I updated to the latest version of WP-United and somewhere I seem to have managed to break the installation of the mod for PHPBB. As a consequence I get very long loading times and according to my webhost “broken packages” are sent, which causes the server to lock my IP out from accessing my site. Quite bad, in other words. And it seems related.

    I have tried purging the various caches, disabling plugins and settings in every way thinkable and even gone through the modifications for the PhpBB files without any improvement. It seems as if the theme and user integration is what is causing the problems, as when I turn those off, then the rest of the site, including the forum is working again.

    Even in Admin, the Chrome loading symbol seems to run for a very long time after having saved any WP-United setting.

    Furthermore, I can’t access the PHPBB Admin via the menu, only through writing the URL directly.

    I also have W3 Total Cache installed. Does this come in conflict?

    Any advise on what I should try?


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  • I also noticed that the link to “WordPress blog” in the forum isn’t working. It just tries to load the root url with a ?sid= and a long string. Perhaps this is correct, but I thought I would mention it. I think it is the same with the admin link to the phpBB admin, although I have to check this.

    Correction: The link to the phpBB Admin points to “?page=wpu_acp”. Clicking this leads to a timeout and nothing loaded.

    Not quite sure what was going on. Something killed off the php processes in the cluster I browse through, which explains why it wasn’t visible to others, and why I could see things fine using my phone, but not anything going through the network. And why others could see the site, but not me, although I could see other sites on the shared server…

    Those processes have been rebooted now and I have reactivated the plugin and right now it seems to be working OK. So, I am not sure what’s the hen and the egg here. Did it not work correctly since the php wasn’t working as it should or did it first kill the processes and then stop working? Don’t know, and I am watching it to see if it stable now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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