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  • Resolved Chad Reitsma


    WordPress 5.6 updated jQuery and it’s causing a lot of problems.

    If doing a hard refresh with CTRL+F5 it loads. Subsequent refreshes do not load, or load some of the time intermittently, or not at all.

    I haven’t looked at your code, but from past experience issues like this were caused by a $(window).on(‘load’) function being inside the jQuery Ready function, which doesn’t work now.

    Please fix! 😀

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  • Thread Starter Chad Reitsma


    Hmm, after looking at your code I don’t see any .JS so this is probably a Caldera issue (big surprise) lol. I’ll mark as resolved for now!

    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Hi @chadreitsma

    Thanks for leaving an update here. I know that WP 5.6 has done some changes to the jQuery, you may be able to use the Enable jQuery Migrate plugin to help –

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    This issue only occurs for me in FireFox (eg it works fine in Google Chrome).

    Andrew’s solution worked but that plugin rolls jQuery back to a version 1.x.

    I fixed this by installing the plugin jQuery Manager By Remzi Cavdar and used it to roll back the jQuery to 2.2.4.min.js. I’ve done this on a few sites now that I had recently updated to WordPress 5.6.


    Just wanted to keep tabs on this discussion since I’m having some of the same issues.



    I’ve had the same issue with WP 5.6 and this plugin but I am using ReCaptcha v2. Thank you @dynamicwebscomau for your solution which has worked perfectly for me. However, it would be nice if this plugin could work without another plugin. I appreciate that @andrewza provides this for free, so this is just a hope. 🙂



    I installed Enable jQuery Migrate and set it up to 1.12.4 and it worked.

    But there is any fix in mind?

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    Hi guys,

    is there any updated planed ?
    is there any other plugin that can do the recpatcha job ?

    Hi, I’have the same problem. My solution is to disable your plugin…
    It will be great If you found a solution in next update 🙂

    I’m afraid this plugin has been abandoned

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    I don’t think that the plugin has been abandoned. @andrewza was on this forum a few weeks ago. We do need to acknowledge that it may not be the highest priority for him.

    A weird thing happened to me recently regarding this issue. I had installed the JQuery Manager plugin as recommended and had downgraded the Jquery version using that. I later found out that that plugin was somehow interfering with my mobile hamburger menu in Divi. I deactivated the plugin and found that my Recaptcha v2 was continuing to work without the JQuery Manager! Perhaps it had changed something about JQuery even when not active? Of course, when there’s a WP upgrade who knows what will happen.

    I don’t understand why the bug is just with firefox and not with Chrome, is the same for you ?

    @lull I actually hadn’t tested with Firefox yet. I just did and it did not work. However, when I implemented the JQuery Manager plug-in noted above in one of the posts and downgraded JQuery to jquery-min.2.2.4.js it worked again in Firefox. I recommend using this plug-in for now.

    @mbdiener it doesn’t work for me, I’ve switched to another plugin… it’s too important to have recaptcha work on form actually.

    @lull Which plugin are you using to replace this Anti-Spam plugin? Does it work with Caldera or did you have to change your forms plugin?

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