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  1. Linkleman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ok so im trying to setup a new portfolio site,

    Im on a reseller server that I use with multiple other wordpress installations that never had this problem.

    Im trying to upload a featured image to a post (although any image anywhere its the same problem). It says its uploaded but the preview is broken and the size is (0x0), so its obviosuly not there. I have checked the server, no wp-content/uploads directory is being created. If I create this directory manually it makes no difference. I have no idea how to get these images to load.

    Heres what ive done so far to troubleshoot.

    Ive uploaded a fresh new install
    No custom code, themes etc. Ive set it to the default theme from the fresh install.
    wp-content permissions set to 755 and 777.
    all directories set to 777 at one point.
    Put the rewrite code in the .htaccess file for permalinks.

    Im literally stumped, ive uploaded and setup wordpress loads of times and never had this issue.

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