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  • I just added a link to a page and when I checked it (the link) there were images missing on the page and when I went into my WP dashboard it shows broken images.

    Can they be fixed or do I need to delete and redo??

    Cheers, Joan

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  • Please provide some detail to your post…it is too generic to reply to.

    I have a sales page on my site with images throughout the text. It was working perfectly. I checked it just now and where there is usually an image there is a box shape outline and a tiny broken image in the centre. This is happening in 3 places. Other images are fine.

    I have no plugins or anything that would all of a sudden cause this that I can think of. All other pages seem fine.

    This is a link to the page on my site.

    Thanks for prompt response.

    The output HTML is pointing to a host site that does not contain such content:

    <img title="mbm-logo-350" alt="" src="" width="300" height="126">

    Are you using the import from a URL option?

    BTW, you should update to WP v3.5.1.

    I wonder how that could have happened then. I created this page months ago. So would I be best to delete the image and re-insert it? Or would I be able to use an earlier version of the site? Not sure what that link is that you have copied.??

    Thanks for the heads-up re update.

    That’s where those images (used to be) ? Did you move the site or where did you get those images from?

    No I haven’t moved the site. I got the images from a file on my laptop. Would I be able to ‘refresh’ it by using an earlier revision??

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. I fixed it by deleting the old broken image and inserting it again.

    Whilst I have your attention is it a big deal to update to WP v3.5.1. I am always terrified I will lose everything! I have no plug ins or anything so would it be ok to just click it and update?

    On the update issue, it is important to note what both the automatic and manual update methods note: backup all site files and create a full database backup first. As long as you have done so (and properly), then do so. It is always best to use the latest version as it will contain security updates.

    Thank you. Appreciate that input.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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