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  • MichaelH


    I am worried I will need to nuke the site and start over

    WordPress Backups will help you overcome that worry…

    Couldn’t you use one of the techniques described in Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory or How can I have a static front page and posts display on a page called Blog?



    Thanks MichaelH!
    The blog seems to work now when I modify the Reading settings in WP Admin. However, when you click a post name, it does not show /blog/ in front of the URL, example:

    Any ideas how to fix this?



    Seems like you fixed it.



    Thanks, MichaelH.
    The pagination is indeed working again, and all of my blog posts are now inside the /blog/ folder. This is great! Even the search results stay inside /blog/. Exactly what I needed…

    However, the homepage is showing the blog…
    Any ideas how to fix?





    Thanks, MichaelH

    Thanks for the link but I have gone through the WordPress Codex multiple times now, and still can’t seem to get it working properly.

    I will try to recap what I have done, exactly:
    In Pages, I have created
    a new page called “My Front Page”
    and a new page called “Blog”

    In General Settings I have set
    WordPress address (URL) to “”
    Blog address (URL) to “”

    In Reading Settings I have set
    Front page display “A static page (select below)”
    Front page: My Front Page
    Posts page: Blog

    And in permalinks I have set
    Comment settings
    Custom Structure: “/%postname%/”

    This is exactly how my WordPress driven website is running of now on

    I hope this helps get to the problem. I have even created a new WordPress install just to see if mine had a glitch and it is doing the exact same thing (with the default WordPress theme)…
    Thanks for all your help, MichaelH! Hopefully I am 99% of the way there… I just need to figure out this mysterious homepage issue. 🙂

    So what Template are you using for your Front Page Page. Maybe that Template is also showing your posts…

    If you have no Template assigned to that Page, with the help of the Template Hierarchy article, determine what Template is displaying that Pages.

    Hmm…guess the next thing to do is provide a link to download that theme.

    Thanks MichaelH

    I have uploaded my theme as .zip format onto this site

    (Just click “Download This File” and enter in the characters)

    Too much ‘custom’ stuff (includes that aren’t in the theme directory) there for me to use.

    What happens if you switch to the WordPress Default Theme. Does the problem persist.

    Yes, I have installed it on a brand new URL, with a brand new WP install (2.7) and default theme here:

    And as you can see, pagination is still broken with the “blog” structure

    Maybe the problem is the blog Page name, and WordPress being in the blog subdirectory.

    I setup a test blog with WordPress in a subfolder called wpblog and then create a Page called wpblog and set my Permalink structure to %postname% and my Reading settings to make wpblog be my posts page and I get an error trying to access

    Hmmm, I tried changing my Blog page title to WPblog and then the page slug to wpblog, but still to no avail…

    Oh well…
    Thanks for all of your help anyways, MichaelH!
    It has been very much greatly appreciated!

    I think I have a solution for this, it’s not the most ideal way, but it *should* (hopefully) work:

    If I set my Reading settings -> Front Page to show latest posts instead of static pages, that will show my blog on the homepage AND within the /blog directory. Pagination works perfectly – with the /blog added to all of my blog posts (I have currently set it that way on my website, if you want to check it out)

    So my solution for the homepage is to just hardcode the homepage in there with a static PHP file, overriting any WordPress pages. This means losing WP backend control over my homepage, but it should still work, right?

    Also, is there a special naming convention for overriting the WP theme homepage? “/wp-content/themes/themename/frontpage.php” or something like that?


    Wish I understood why you are having that problem, but might review the old discussion on Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

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