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  1. Bonellicious
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I dont know why the featured image in my website is not showing anymore, i mean it is displayed but is displayed as a broken image. I suspect it might be caused by the fact I tried to install the network multisite. I tried to get back and uninstall the network but i think i was unsuccessful. All the featured image that i inserted in the posts work fine, but if i delete it and set it again, it shows as a broken image. Do you have any idea why is behaving like that? I think it os because the root is changed, but I did all i was supposed to do to uninstall the MU.

    I followed the procedure to uninstall the network:

    .htaccess back to how it was originally
    wp-config without the multisite allowed
    I suspect it might have written something in my database but i checked: everything looks normal, there is nothing wrong or wiord table and such.

    Please help, i m sure it is just a wrong path WP, but i apparentely i am not able to get back.

  2. Check your httpd.conf file, that you have allowOverride to include 'All.'

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