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  • I have a site I maintain. I’m not sure what happened to cause the breakage to occur, however …

    The folder shows up and has two subfolders. I can see them when I go to edit folders.

    I see the main folder name on the front page website and backend Documents Library page. However, when I click on the title, nothing happens. I have tried adding documents to one of the subfolders but still no go.

    I also seem to have some missing categories. I exported the site and looked at the mdocs-cats.txt and mdocs-list.txt files, and I see the categories and subfolders listed.

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  • Plugin Author bhaldie


    Please open a browser inspector and tell me if you can see any javascript errors.

    Then please disable all other plugins and see if the problem goes away.

    Only some samesite cookie error and same with plugins disabled.

    I was poking around and the issue seems to be with the structure, is that saved in the wp database and if so what is the table (for the categories).

    Plugin Author bhaldie


    the categories can be found in the *_options tables the value is “mdocs-cats”



    I did see the table entries and that should help somewhat with doing backups; However, I can’t seem to find the issue but I can import from their test site.

    Plugin Author bhaldie


    I would try heading to the Options > Settings > and try disabling third party apps. see if the issue goes away.

    That’s an interesting reply. Can you show me one case of where this non-helpful “fix” actually fixed the issue?

    If this was indeed a fix that would mean the code is faulty and seriously flawed which makes me highly question the legitimacy of the plugin.

    Also, for the record no that did not “fix the problem”. The real problem is the table entry is corrupt, not from an sql standpoint but from the plugin standpoint.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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