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  • Works great once you fix it here’s how:
    1. download the zip of the plugin and extract it.
    2. The author didn’t zip the plugin right. Instead, there’s a folder inside the folder where the files are. So unzip it, navigate to that second folder and rezip that one.
    3. Install the plugin manually from the zip you just made.
    4. Now, since the plugin hasn’t been updated to 4.4.2 (as of march 16 2016) it’s going to generate a 500 server error when you try to run it. Something about WP_SCREEN is shown in the error logs. Add this code to the main php file, called wp2grav.php, in the section with similar codes:

    require_once(ABSPATH . '/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-screen.php');

    5. It should work fine. I had to run it twice to get it to work. FYI, it merges pages and posts into the same pile, doesn’t preserve custom permalinks, doesn’t move image files, any shortcode generated content may have spit out random css in the copy if it used it, post titles with brackets [] prevent grav from loading the pages, and for some reason any time you were thinking about making a new post but didn’t it got counted as a separate page url like ?page=135 in WordPress and those get moved too, so you’ll probably have like 2-3 times the amount of posts you moved over. A good way to get rid of the first batch junk files that seem to get generated is to refesh cpanel, select all of them, run the plugin a second time, then delete the ones you have selected. This is because for some reason the first run generates broken posts but the second one is perfect.
    6. The folders it generates at /wp-content/uploads/wp2grav/export now go in your /grav/user/pages/ directory.

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  • @hydrix – yep, that’s the ticket. Thank you!
    Such a simple fix – wish the developer would make the fix so others won’t have to.

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