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  • Ok, now that I have everything working and looking for the most part as I want it, and I’ve added the theme switcher and one other theme, could I get some opinions on the design of the default theme (Fallen) on my site?

    Before you say anything, I want to state that it is from scratch, and NOT based on Kubric, even though it vaguely looks like it.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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  • Nice flow of colour, easy to read and a good dark theme that works well.

    Very nice. Needs a bit more padding on the left though.

    Sweet graphic up top

    Thank you all very much! The header is a photo manipulation using a picture I took of the sky after a storm as a base, with some stock photos of angel statues. I liked the project so much I decided to turn it into a layout for my blog.

    Now, my question is, should I turn it into a downloadable theme for others? I would take off my site’s name and the lyrics, and…that’s…probably about it.

    Your site is really very nice. I like your graphics a lot. I like your Fallen theme. However, I’m more of a pastel guy, not sepia.

    i would say it can’t hurt to release it as a theme – that’s entirely up to you. even if one person grabs it, that’s one more than if it wasn’t available 🙂

    I do suggest adding either a read me or comments on your site with regard to theme as to whether or not you will be wholly supporting it, should a user have problems or if they should be directed to the support site here. If you don’t want to offer any support as such, best to mention it – no one will hate you for it, but it clarify what their options are.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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