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  • Resolved mbeam


    Ran the upgrade via the dashboard , everything seemed to go fine , went to click a link ( any link ) ,

    Fatal error: Call to a member function add_rewrite_tag() on a non-object in (editedout by me )…/taxonomy.php on line 289

    2 site’s now down till i find a fix

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  • Im having the same issue….. Whats the solution

    Not sure what all this will affect but,
    I commented out lines 289 & 290 in taxonomy.php and the site came back up , still waiting on a official fix however .

    just disabled all plugins and removed comments from 289 & 290 and the site still w orks witch seems to point to a bad plugin being the culprit

    Upon further investigation ,
    The plugin that caused my crash was Podcasting Plugin by TSG

    Yes, mbeam, the Plugin that’s causing this crash is Podcasting Plugin by TSG.

    You can recover original taxonomy.php file without make any change, that will be fine, your site will be back again.


    Step by step to solve problem:

    Just do this, don’t change nothing in “taxonomy.php” file, it’s not necessary.. mbeam done this to discover what was causing the crash.

    1 — Move (cut and paste) out the “podcasting” folder from “wp-content/plugins” folder

    2 — Access your site normally, again. It’ll be fine.

    3 — Access your WordPress admin dashboard/panel.

    4 — Go to plugins and check out the red message/alert on top warning that “podcasting.php” is disabled due to a file missing, itself.

    5 — Move back the podcasting folder to plugins folder again, and it will return disabled.

    6 — Wait for a compatible version to update it and activate it again.


    Hey everyone, I don’t recommend changing the WP code (taxonomy.php) as that may break other plugins/functionalities.

    I checked out this plugin and the offending line I found was line 15 in /plugins/podcasting/podcasting.php

    register_taxonomy('podcast_format', 'custom_field');

    I changed this to a function call

    function build_taxonomies() {
    	register_taxonomy('podcast_format', 'custom_field');
      add_action( 'init', 'build_taxonomies', 0 );

    and the plugin worked perfectly for me. Hope this helps, looks like a great plugin.

    Let me know if this works.

    ddarby14 – this appears to work for me. thank you!

    np, glad to help – author has made this fix in official update so anybody else can just update the plugin for the 3.0 fix

    This could negatively affect the podcast plugin developer.

    Was it a wordpress change with unintended consequences or an error on the pluggin developers part?
    I see an action is added to call a wrapper function for one fix.

    At least for my blogs I deactivated and deleted all the podcast plugins instead of fixing/patching them.

    Having the blog down creeped me out a little this am.

    well I have tha same problem, and I dont have the podcasting plugin!…it happens when I try to re-enable ANY plugin…I’ll just have to go back to 2.9 I had a funny feeling about upgrading this time too!…gotta learn to follow my gut!


    I have the same problem, an don’t have a podcast plug-in either. Any other plug-in that might cause this problem?


    I done have podcast installed

    I comment the line 289 and 290 in taxanomy.php so my site goes up

    But my admin panel is not going up and giving this fatal error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_unregister_globals() in /home/imrannas/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 35

    I tried commenting out these lines as well, I tried moving some plugins as well but nothing worked…

    Kindly help

    I’m not using the podcasting plugin either. I do have the following installed (* means deactivated – I only use some plugins for some of the time):

    donate-plus *
    embed-iframe *
    our-progress *
    peters-date-countdown *
    wp-google-weather *
    wp-task-manager *
    hello.php *

    Some of them need updating, which I was going to do after the automatic upgrade – except I now can’t access anything in the back-end. So all I can do now is remove all the plugins and re-add them one at a time…


    I had the same problem. But I did not have the podcasting plugin. In my case, the error was caused by WP-Ecommerce

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