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  • Sounds like the problem is with the theme you are using. You might want to try and find out if it is compatible with WordPress 3.1.

    it did seem to be laright for the first week or so of editing the site and adding plugins. the problem pretty much occured overnight, so maybe there is a problem with the css import rules?

    anyone else??

    Oh, I just solved this problem on a site I’m working on too.

    There’s a “hook” that you need to have in your header.php file. Make sure you’re not missing it. Add this code JUST BEFORE your </head> tag.

    	/* Always have wp_head() just before the closing </head>
    	 * tag of your theme, or you will break many plugins, which
    	 * generally use this hook to add elements to <head> such
    	 * as styles, scripts, and meta tags.

    didn’t work for me. the tag <?php wp_head(); ?> was already in my header.php code anyway. hmmm.

    i have been using an admin bar plugin which causes the bar to be displayed at all times – this kind of fixes the problem as long as the plugin is activated. its not ideal though because i’d rather lose the bar for non logged in users.



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    Ensure that you have <?php wp_footer();?> just before the closing </body> tag in your theme’s footer.php template file.

    i’ve inserted that tag and the problem still persists. i do however now have a prettier restyled admin bar at the top of the page when the plugin is activated – which at least looks better… 🙂

    Has anyone made any more headway with this issue? The list items in my adminbar just started showing up in the broken fashion like the one described above. I can turn them off of course by installing the show/hide admin bar plugin, but that’s not really optimal. The hooks in my header and footer php files are fine, and it’s not being caused by a plugin. I could restore the dbase (which is where I think the problem is because of a couple of broken links that shows up in the broken adminbar), but stupid me only has an older copy of the dbase… which I’ll now resolve by backing up the dbase on a regular basis. I also noticed that when logged in, the html for the adminbar is added below the javascripts are the bottom of the page, just before the last closing tags.

    I’m pretty sure the issue is down to messy code in the theme css, because the problem disappears when i change themes. which theme are you using?

    For me, the issue was that I was missing one of the hooks, either the header or footer one. I believe both need to be put in the proper place for the admin bar to work.

    See this:
    and this:

    Until I had these hooks in place in my theme, the admin bar was always a broken mess. Once I put the hooks in, it worked perfectly.

    (Aside from the hooks, I unfortunately have no idea, unless there’s some CSS somewhere that’s styling it wrong? :/)

    I actually solved the mystery last night. Turns out that the problem was actually my fault (isn’t it always?)…

    When I added the typical “site design by <a href=”yada yada…”, I took a shortcut and added it by way of the copyright setting/field in the theme options panel. After doing so, it worked fine (including the linking) until two days ago, which threw me off. The issue finally reared its ugly head when the function(s) associated with that copyright line were put into play and/or conflicted with something else.

    Long story short: hard coding the design attributions into the footer.php file fixed the problem.

    “duh…,” sayeth this happy camper

    Thanks all!


    I’ve double checked, and i have both hooks where they’re supposed to be. i don’t have a copyright setting field in my them options – this could be because i ripped out a bunch of encrypted code – but the copyright code in my footer looks ok. so its still the admin bar plugin for me.

    as i said, changing themes disappears the problem – i don’t think i caused the problem by taking out encrypted links from the footer, because reinstalling the freshly downloaded theme makes no difference.

    unfortunately i know jack about css, so i have no hope of finding a problem there.

    I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the CSS to see if I spot anything, although I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to identify the problem.

    Bude: Well I took a look and it’s a bit too complex for me to jump in and get my head around it, although I did notice a lot of z-indexing and absolute and relative positioning in the theme’s main CSS. I have to wonder if that’s pushing it around and breaking it.

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