• This plug-in will KILL your web site. We set the number of days to “hide the site” to “zero days”, added our own ip, unchecked “hide my site… and saved… Basically attempting to cause the plug-in to DO NOTHING. All this after we realized we could NOT turn it off. Once on, your on for good. This was the only Plug-In installed in our site, no others were even installed yet that could possibly conflicted with it. Using the Latest version of WP.

    We Un-Activated the Plug-In… which did not help. YOU as an Admin, and all of your visitors will forever be locked out. Did I say Forever ! Even IF you Un-Activate it: OR even DELETE it. Deleting the plug-in will cause even more issues. This thing is basically Malware. Installing this plug-in and turning it on will keep you in “Hide” mode forever, requiring a password- even IF you uninstall it.

    After deleting, you will get a whitish-gray screen with the word “password (no submit button) If you enter in the password you formerly used (asuming you think you can type somewhere)… and hit “return”… you could get to your admin- However ALL OF YOU PAGES & MENUS wil be screwed up.

    MALWARE JUNK – BEWARE – DON’T INSTALL -We lost a ton of work, as our backup had the same issue BECAUSE IT TOO HAD THE PLUG-IN. OMG!

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  • Plugin Author ClevelandWebDeveloper


    Hi Oneminuteblues,

    This type of problem is the result of a caching issue.
    When the plugin is deactivated or deleted, it will no longer run on your site, effective immediately. However, some sites have a caching system whereby old versions of the site continue to be shown to site visitors. This means that even though you have deactivated/deleted a plugin from your site, the cached (older) version of your site might still be shown to your visitors – and that older version of the site can be from a time when you still had the plugin active on your site.

    Often times cached pages are served automatically via your web host, and many users are not aware of the fact that their web host does this.
    If you are using wpengine (or a different host that auto-caches) try reaching out and ask if they can clear your cache for you.

    Some times it takes a few hours after users take the above steps to notice the change. In this case, you should also clear your browser cache (though clearing your browser cache would only be effective after taking the above steps).

    If you would like extra help with clearing the cache on your site, please feel free to message me direct justin[at]clevelandwebdeveloper[dot]com and I can try and provide further assistance.


    @oneminuteblues you’re SO IGNORANT. Oh my.

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