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    I host my site via Earlier this week I upgraded Wwordpress. The update was done without issue. I then did the rreccomended updates to both Jetpack and the Raindrops theme. After tthe update to the theme (Raindrops) it somehow made it so the theme iis now considered a broken theme with the following message provided oon the bottom of my manage themes page:

    BBroken Themes

    TThe following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have astylesheet and a template.

    NName Description
    rRaindrops Stylesheet is missing.

    TThis being the case, WordPress has automatically installed the TTwenty Thirteen theme, which I do not at all want and can not uutilize to have my site appear the way I would like.

    II contacted GoDaddy on 8/21 and was informed to do a roll back on Wwordpress and it would revert my site back to as it was prior to the prior to the updates. I did this, but it did not bring wordpress back to before the 3.6 update. I also did not revert back any other updates and raindrops is still a broken them, I still have the ugly theme Twenty Thirteen installed and I can’t fix it.

    The agent I spoke to informed me that his assessment was that Raindrops is not compatible with the updated wordpress. I am fine maintaining the old version of wordpress to keep the raindrops theme.

    I attempted to contact for further assistance and was sent here.

    Please advise/assist.


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  • Ahem….Broken Theme after install. Oh how I wish there was an edit button!



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    I just tested Raindrops theme on a test site using WP3.6 – and it works fine. So I don’t think it’s a problem with the theme – though it sounds like the update on your site may not have worked properly. Are you able to delete the raindrops theme and then reinstall it?

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    Hi TIJ

    A Raindrops theme is tested by WordPress3.6 and is operating properly in my environment.

    I think that there is also a problem which I do not grasp simultaneously.

    The agent I spoke to informed me that his assessment was that Raindrops is not compatible with the updated wordpress.

    You should ask a representative.
    What kind of point obstructs compatibility?

    It will be contained in improvement of the future of Raindrops if it has rationality.

    Thank you.

    I am on the phone with right now (my first chance to call.) I can not delete the theme or re-update from my end. I’m asking them to delete the theme so I can re-install.

    Further, this agent doesn’t seem to know in what manner the theme has compatibility issues with the updated wordpress.

    I’ll let you know my outcome.

    I’ve also done quite a bit of searching and I’ll be honest, raindrops is the best suited theme for my site and I’m quite hopeful to get this sorted out ASAP because I’m tired of the cobbled together site I’ve got now with another theme I had to put in as a stop-gap.

    I was able to remove the raindrops theme and have reinstalled. I seem to be all set.

    Theme Author nobita


    Hi TIJ

    I am glad to solve

    Thank you.

    @ TIJ

    I also use GoDaddy as a host and have the same problem with raindrops – seriously the only theme that fits my site! How did you fix the problem? Was it something GoDaddy did or that you did manually?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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