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    Yes, this plugin could be dangerous especially if you don’t know how to configure it properly. I ever have bad experiences with it 2x. But with proper backups I can restore it easily. This plugin is very useful if you can make it works.

    There are many settings there that could crash your website. My suggestion is to disable all of them at the first time, then try to enable it one-by-one to test if it works.

    My guess the most probably is you enable the rename content directory feature. It sometimes not compatible with other plugins.

    Why should I rename the content directory? What will this do?

    I love this plugin and want to use it again if it doesn’t break my site this time.





    Why should I rename the content directory?
    Many websites are built using WordPress, so it is a hot target for hackers. By changing the default content directory’s name, it will make your website a bit harder for hackers to hack.

    What will this do?
    The content directory is the folder where your contents, uploaded files, plugins and themes stored. The default name for WordPress content directory is wp-content. Better WP Security can rename it for security reasons.

    But because it changes the name where WordPress location to store files, some plugins may not able to run correctly. I personally, got 2 plugins have such issue in my websites. I contacted the plugins’ authors hope they will fix it, but I got no response. Luckily I can manually solve the problem.

    If you’re going to enable this rename content directory feature, my suggestions are:
    – Do necessary backups before you start
    – Disable all plugins except Better WP Security
    – Activate all plugins one-by-one after you rename it to test if the plugin is working correctly
    – If you get something weird after active the plugin, it means that plugin not compatible with the renaming.

    Most plugins are supposed to work correctly since WordPress 2.6. Here is the information:

    Unfortunately some plugins aren’t properly wrote, they don’t recognize the changing.

    bots do not look for url or page. bots look for code. bot will always fidn code.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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