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    Hi I installed your plugin recently and i found that it sped up my site quite alright, however, i lost core functions of my site which is:

    1. Upload page and function for frontend users. This refuses to load now and keeps giving me an error code to contact hosting after which i was advised to delete it.

    2. Revolution Slider – Now i get error messages as my header and have had to be unchecking using revolution slider in each of my 405 + posts.

    3. Real 3D Flipbook: Both new and old uploads are no longer present in posts.

    Now i disabled minify Javascript, CSS and its just gone worse. Nothing loads on my pages now, just scattered text all around. I deactivated the plugin and its still same issue. Now i can’t go back no forward. PLEASE HELP!

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  • Plugin Author Dipak C. Gajjar



    if you deactivated the plugin already and the issue is still there, that means it’s not due to this plugin. I guarantee.

    The plugin doesn’t touch/modify any files, and just execute some code (resides in the plugin file). When plugin isn’t active (deactivated), it doesn’t execute any code.

    If you still have doubt, you can delete the plugin folder (should be wp-content/plugins/wp-super-minify) and check.

    * It is always a good idea to clear browser cookies/cache before refreshing the page.

    It messed up my site as well. It was not like that before we activated your plugin. Even after we deactivated and deleted the plugin, it is still like that. Removed the browser cache and cookies. It is still in the messed up state.

    I assume something going on on the server or WordPress side. Instead of using meaningless statements like “I guarantee”. You should look into what’s going on and maybe provide some suggestions to people using your plugin.

    Most people don’t have time to look into your code and see what you did. I’am not angry at you but myself using your plugin before testing it out somewhere else. Now I got extra work to do.

    Plugin Author Dipak C. Gajjar


    You could create your own thread rather than continue here.

    I already specified that this plugin doesn’t touch/modify any files (no core / theme / other plugin files), and just execute some code (resides within the plugin file). When plugin isn’t active (deactivated), it doesn’t execute any code.

    Hence, I am sure that the issue is something else if your site is still messed up even after deactivating this plugin.

    I am happy to assist you further. Do you mind sharing your site URL?

    Apologies. It was on my end. It was nothing to do with the plugin.

    Nevertheless, the plugin did not work for me. It did not concatenate the css and js files as expected and produced:

    “*An error occurred fetching the page: Too many header lines (limit is 128)*”

    Basically, it duplicated all the css and js files put them in the header. Sorry, had to disable it since it happened on a production site… can not send you the link.

    You might want to look into this and see if it’s something you can fix. It happens in a multisite network with subdomains running latest WP (4.2.2) on nginx.

    Plugin Author Dipak C. Gajjar


    I always try my best to improve this plugin. I will keep this into considerations. Thank you.

    Hi, I have been able to sort my issue that arised from this plugin as mentioned earlier. What i learnt is this despite you gauranteeing it never was the case:

    1. There’s/was some conflict with W3 Total Cache and this plugin and as pointed out by @gurumark it did duplicate files and added them to header. So I was still getting message to fix this from Google Pagespeed, Pingdom etc.

    I had to delete W3 Total Cache for this plugin to observe for 1 month as I wasn’t even sure the W3 Total Cache was worth all the ratings people give it especially when no improvement noticed on my site.

    This is the only way i was able to get my site on board so although you have created a good tool, please look into this errors.

    Plugin Author Dipak C. Gajjar


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experience.

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