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    I’m in search of a plugin that would allow the submission of a global post that spans across all blogs within a WPMU installation. There were two which I found that provide this function: Broadcast MU and Multipost MU respectively.

    After reading the FAQ of each it came to mind that each lacked a “valuable” feature of the other. With Broadcast MU a user is able to choose which sub-blogs the post will display on, whereas with Multipost MU the user cannot. Vice-versa, Multipost MU allows a user to modify or delete a post from all sub-blogs simultaneously, and such is not possible using Broadcast MU.

    My concern is with the option to have one of these plugins adopt the lacking feature of the other so as to receive the best of both in features. I understand that each is maintained by a different author…thus, it could require permission – if not collaboration to implement the code structures from whichever.

    I’d be grateful to receive feedback from the authors of these the two plugins in question, if possible.


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  • Andrea Rennick


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    It’s GPL. You can take both & merge them yourself. 😀 All you really need to do is make sure you list the original devs.

    Otherwise, you are free to do what you like with it.

    As the developer of multipost-mu, I may actually add the category choice to multipost-mu as it does seems like a handy feature.

    Thanks to you both for the replies. Yes, I do believe it is a handy feature to have, even if just as toggle option.

    Cool. It’s on my list.

    If you’re waiting, though, and have the skills, feel free to modify the code and I’ll roll it back in to the plugin. Not sure when I’ll get to it.

    OK… no waiting required. I just uploaded multipost-mu version 1.6.

    1.6: Added the ability to choose to which sub-blogs your master post is also posted.

    Enjoy and let me know here if you run into any troubles… it’s still fresh. 😉

    I am the Broadcast MU dev, I loved the idea of Multipost MU and I had been looking for a similar plugin for ages but never found it, the problem was exactly this that it had no selective posting. I am so glad to see this added and to be honest I would like to work with the Multipost MU dev to try and add a few improvements to his as I think it could be made even better….


    I have made a few changes on my own version which I would like to share.

    1. Move the settings page to Site Admin
    2. Remove ‘MU’ from the title of the post page meta box – it will be more user friendly this way
    3. Change the wording of ‘Post to the following blogs:’ to ‘Post to:’
    4. Alphabetise the blog list
    5. Improve the layout of the blog list
    6. Move the check all feature down just to keep it tidy (I admit this may be bad on a big list?
    7. Remove italics and brackets from the check feature

    I also would like to make a few suggestions to improvements which could be made…

    1. Select all is a great feature but have an option to set the default to off or on – half way there just needs the options page setting.
    2. There is no need to have the ‘Enable Multipost MU?’ and it doesn’t seem to do anything for me
    3. Make Multipost MU work from sub blogs as well as the main blog.
    4. Ensure the settings are stored site wide, i think they are?

    Also there is a bug which I have reported to the forum, it seems to be resultant of this new feature you added and probably down to the fact that the plugin is designed to post from the top level blog and I was posting from a sub blog.

    I wonder if we could ‘merge’ the two some how, and by merge I really mean add the cool features of mine to the cool features of yours and put a redirect on my one?

    Also a problem I noted when I was developing Broadcast MU was that uses or the sunrise hack for allowing multiple domains for some reason were not getting the blog name, so I added a fall back to put a url there if there was no blog title which was a hacky patch but made the guy happy.

    Let me know what you think to this epic-post as I am aware you may not want my help or merge etc…

    Messy code merge:

    This is great @ctsttom. All great suggestions. I’d be very happy to collaborate on a much better plugin. I’ve not had a lot of time to dedicate to working on this in the past so it’s mostly been quick patch jobs (hence the bug you found).

    If there is a way to add you as admin to the existing Multipost MU page/SVN account, I’d be happy to just do that.


    I think we need to get in-touch with the svn admins, I will try and do this, for reference my personal email address is, my name is Tom and I live in the UK.

    I’m very happy to see this taking placing between you two – and quite eager to see what comes forth from your future development on this project. 🙂

    I have one question about both of these plugins:

    1. Do these plugins make duplicate content on blogs ( either with permalinks or with the same content )? If so, is there a way that any non-source blog could add a canonical tag along with it to separate it from the master content?

    Just making sure this isn’t copying creating duplicate content.

    WordPress MU does indeed make duplicate posts in each blog. This allows you to make individual edits to the duplicated posts, if desired.

    Whats the deal here, I haven’t heard anything?

    It would also be cool to allow you to choose which categories post to in each blog.

    @ctsttom: Interested in picking up the lead on the plugin? I can grant you check-in access. I have no time to address issues and add features right now.

    Yes please, someone pick up the lead on this project. I’m very interested it seeing it further developed. I would do so myself, but I’m a graphics guy unfortunately.

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