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  • Hi Edward,

    Thanks for making such a great plugin. I’ve enjoyed using it for over a year now and each update keeps making it better and more stable.

    I have a question similar to this question:

    I am looking to add the ability for a logged-in user to broadcast a given post from the parent to a child site that they are an admin on.

    The use case is a site that I administer that has users subscribe to resources we provide. We have hundreds of pre-written resources that I want them to be able to add to their own site. On their own site they will be able to add content into custom fields that will essentially allow them to add their own notes to the post.

    I would prefer the user not have to go into the backend of WordPress to add the post to their child site. We’re going to be giving access to about 1,500 people to do this so it’s also not feasible to add every post (around 600 posts) to every site every time we add or edit the posts. The preferred method is for the user to add the resource to their site when they are ready.

    So, the real question is, with the code from the previous post, is there a way to pass along the current logged in user’s site_id for site’s they administer?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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