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  • I’m currently using ThreeWP Broadcast to broadcast posts across my network. It works ok, but with my layout, I would need to adjust the diamond site posts widget to filter out duplicate posts.

    1. I can disable posts from my main blog but does Diamond recent posts exclude broadcasted posts (broadcasted via it’s own method)? In my theme they show up on the left and the right since there is in fact 2 places that post exists –
    2. Is there a way to enable broadcasting by default by network activating? Having it disabled by default makes sense for broadcasting posts from the main blog to sub sites but I would like all sub sites to be able to post to the main blog without going that extra step.


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  • Answered my own 1st question – The post still shows up twice and there’s no option to ignore broadcasted posts. While the exercise of broadcasting posts is nicer with this plugin, there’s no option to also broadcast tags and categories (copied post has no tags and is categorized “Uncategorized) and no option to exclude blogs from the list of sites to broadcast too.

    I’ll be sticking with ThreeWP Broadcast for now and altering the Diamond Recent Posts to check for and remove duplicate posts (those with the same title for example) from the loop.

    Updating broadcasted posts makes another copy on the site you’re broadcasting too as well. Perhaps better broadcast behaviour can be introduced to the roadmap?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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