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  • Resolved Ralf Klis


    Hi there,

    Great plugin, solves a lot of manual work. There’s one issue that the plugin has.
    If you have main website A and subsites B,C,D,E you can easily broadcast from A to any website and from any substite to another subsite BUT not to the main site.
    Example. On page A I can broadcast to B,C,D,E.
    On page B I can broadcast only to B,C,D,E but not A.
    Funnily enough when debug is turned on pages available for user it says 5 but displays always -1 (so in this case 4). Theoretically it’s correct because it shouldn’t display itself and display all the others. Instead it’s displaying itself, all other sub sites but missing the main site.

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  • Plugin Author edward_plainview


    Does your user exist in the user list for site A, and does the user have write access?

    Yup – the user is super admin on all the sites.
    As mentioned on debug part the number of available sites is correct. It displays that number -1 and funnily enough broadcast displays the current website as well (which is a little bit illogical to broadcast to itself).

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    I just tested it locally.

    Without my user in the user list, blog 1/A is not visible in the list.

    When I added my user as an admin, blog 1/A was the first in the blog list in the broadcast meta box in the editor.

    So I don’t quite understand why blog A isn’t showing up for you if you’re in the user list of blog A.

    Ok found the issue. Had to dig deep into the code 🙂
    Somewhere in your meta_boxes.php file (I didn’t quite found where exactly) when the site doesn’t have the name it gets assigned its own name
    So here is where the problem is:
    Site A is called ”
    Site B is called ‘B’
    Site C is called ‘C’

    When you’re on site B you can broadcast to ‘B’ and ‘C’ where in fact ‘B’ is the name that A gets because the name is empty.
    Hope that makes sense 🙂

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    Interesting. Why is the name of Site A empty?

    It’s not a required field so if you don’t set it up in Network you see it as URL which makes sense in some cases.

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    It should be a required field. But anyways, have added a check for this in the next version of Broadcast.

    If the site name is empty, display the site url instead.

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