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  • Paul de Wouters


    Human Made

    The year: 2013

    Our website used to be simple and organized. It was easy to add new content. Then they came…

    Plugins and themes, with their ugly metaboxes, and pointy teeth…invading our post edit screens. Chaos ruled unchallenged. We dared not open the post edit screen anymore and our websites slowly grew old and uncared for.
    But not all hope was lost!
    There were tales across the land about how one new and shiny plugin could bring peace and order to the chaos. Nobody believed it at first, but more and more told the same story of neatly tabbed interfaces for posts, and how their love for editing and creating content was returning to even the most obscure corners of the WordPress universe.
    Our quest was clear, we rode at dawn to the sanctuary of the plugin repository and lo and behold – the legend was true!
    It’s name was Tabify Edit Screen and we saw that it was good. There was much cheering and rejoicing. (and beers were drank)

    The land could be at peace once more and tabify their Edit Screens.

    The end.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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