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  • Suggestion for bringing back the nextpage button.

    Since the More tag can only be used once, is there a reason the button can’t be combined?

    First click provides a More tag.
    Following clicks provide NextPage tags.

    There may well be a reason this isn’t done, but this seems like a pretty graceful way of including the feature?

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  • I agree with the previus message and i suggest, maybe it’s better, to made a plug-in that add the next page button to the bar.

    I really boring when i have to made 5 pages, because i have to use 5 times the MORE buttons and i have to change MANUALLY the word “more” with “nextpage”

    Ok, next time i will first check for plug in and then i will write.

    There is thes plug in’

    that allow you to restore the NEXT PAGE BUTTON.

    Works proprerly with my theme, Zack 990


    My point is, there shouldn’t be a need for a plugin. The function is there. There’s a button for <!–more–> when it can only be used once. Why not have it switch to a next page button once it’s been used, rather than wasting the space with a completely non-functional button?

    Pop this into your functions.php and it’ll add the nextpage button right after the more button:

    function wysiwyg_editor($mce_buttons) {
        $pos = array_search('wp_more',$mce_buttons,true);
        if ($pos !== false) {
            $tmp_buttons = array_slice($mce_buttons, 0, $pos+1);
            $tmp_buttons[] = 'wp_page';
            $mce_buttons = array_merge($tmp_buttons, array_slice($mce_buttons, $pos+1));
        return $mce_buttons;

    It’s a good thing they removed the button from the editor, to reduce clutter. But its also absurd to have a button which works only once.

    Why not have both action produced by the same button.

    Add this to the functions.php of your theme.

    function filter_more_with_nextpage($content){
    	$content = str_replace('<!--more-->','<!--nextpage-->',$content);
    	$content = preg_replace('/<!--nextpage-->/i','<!--more-->',$content,1);
    	return $content;

    It’ll replace all but the first <!–more–> tag by <!–nextpage–>, and you can use the [more] button for both.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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