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  • I have created an html document that utilizes css and html in dreamweaver. I am trying to bring this code into wordpress however the plugins do not seem to work and putting the code inside of an iframe does not work either.

    My code that I am trying to paste can be found here:

    If you have any suggestions on how to bring this code into wordpress I would love to get your help!


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  • A link to your site where this is not working would be relevant.

    You should be putting CSS in an external file (custom CSS usually) and the HTML in the TEXT editor. Is that what you are doing?

    Here is a link:

    Currently i have both the css and html in the text editor. Your solution seems like it probably would work, fingers crossed!
    How do I go about linking the css to the html and what way do I save the css code?


    You should be able to put it in your child theme style.css file. If it’s not working as you expect, a browser tool like Firebug should help you figure out why.

    I have posted the css into my child theme, however how should I surround my html?

    Surround? Where are you putting it?

    Sorry, I will try and explain better. When in the Text section of the creating the post, how should I post the html.

    Should I start off with:
    <iframe height=”345″ width=”750″>

    Or should I bring the html in differently?

    Don’t use an iframe. Just put the HTML.

    hmm, I seem to be stumped. . . nothing is now appearing on the page, I can see the code in the text area, and I can see it show up in the Visual section, however once I Update the Post and view it, the page shows nothing.

    Looks like you used <code> tags? That’s not what those tags are for – that’s for posting code on a page. Try taking those out.

    You also have a bunch of mark-up errors:

    I appreciate the help! I think we are getting closer. I used the link you provided and then ran my code through HTML Tidy. I also removed the code tags, updated my css with the new code from HTML Tidy and also pasted the new code into the Text Section for the post. Now some of the items are showing up on the belt’s page, however it is not how I would like it to display. I did run the mark-up error checker and then seems to be lots of errors, however that is the code HTML Tidy gave me…

    Any suggestions, or do I need to fix each element that the Mark-Up checker finds?

    You still have 200+ errors. HTML tidy does not generally work on PHP based sites – it’s fairly useless. Not all of those errors are problematic anyway.

    You have to learn enough HTML and CSS to fix the layout issues.

    Trying to copy HTML and CSS from a static page is often more work. Why are you not simply using the theme and plugin as they are designed to work?

    I have now put the code into HTML Snippets and it has eliminated the p element issue and I am now down to 5 errors which is much better than the 200+!

    The elements are appearing however the one iframe is still appearing to high on the page, could that be due to the Line 1457, Column 19 error? If so how do I solve the problem of there being a parent content created by the theme?

    As I said above, trying to put an existing HTML/CSS page into a WP page is sometimes more difficult than creating the content in WP.

    Since this now seems to be theme-specific, have you asked the developers of your theme?

    Commercial themes aren’t supported on these forums, BTW.

    And bumps are not permitted.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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