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  • In WP 2.1, I don’t like the new Link system. Mainly the removal of categories link in the admin area, now instead of choosing what you want before and after each link and how you want each link sorted for each category you have to set it in your template. So instead of making a small change with an easy to use interface, you now have to edit the code in your template? You also removed the edit category link. I thought the idea of WordPress was to make blogging easy. I’m not sure if that really makes blogging easy.

    Your link manager page ( shows the nice easy to use interface that I liked with categories. What ever happened to something simple like wp_get_linksbyname()? Don’t get me wrong the new add links page is a lot nicer, I like it, just not the removal of the category’s page.

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  • I agree. The ability to tell WP whether to display images with links seems to be gone now. Now I’m hacking around my database to manually change them to NOT visible. What’s up with that?

    you to seem to know what you are talking about – A person like me on the other hand, is happy if he can get the blog posted 😉

    I have trouble with 2.1 blog-links (roll) not being displayed. Could you explain to me if there is something I could do to fix it?


    They changed the way the links are displayed. It’s a new function now, and it screws up your layout. Why would you make this kind of change?

    You will need to edit your template file where you find wp_get_links(); replace it with get_links();

    get_links? But you still need the category id, and all the settings for category’s options like what to put for listing each category like

  • etc are all gone. What was the point of that? Thought thanks for trying to help.

Is it true that I cannot choose the sorting order of my links anymore in WordPress 2.1? All I wanted was manual sorting, and now even the automatic options are gone?

Please clarify.

It would be completely stupid to remove such a wonderful customization option. Make it optional, at least! Or even better: let us choose the sorting order of items in ALL categories. Posts, pages, links…

Last night I ‘ve read Lorelles wonderful post about all the new template tags and in one of my comments I agree absolutly with all of you:

WP have had a wonderful usability way to mange links and linkcategories,
WP2.1 looks like a kitchen with one drawer for all you need in a kitchen 🙁

Now I have categories for articles AND categories only for links in one lump together.

I would write an article and have a very long list with categories at the right side – but most of them are only for links, because links are links and never ever articles.

I would like to add a link :the same.
A very long list with categories, nobody nows: is that a category for links or for articles

I had to exclude so many categories in my sidebar, because there are linkcats and article cats in a wonderful chaos in the same list. 🙁

Please explain me the logic behind that!

Before WP 2.1 it was easy to create a link category for links only shown if you are reading article with the idXY.

Now.. chaos 🙁

A new template tag was published BEFORE the codex was updated. =Chaos.

Links are not only links in the world wide web. They are a “valuta” in the world wide web.

So many people have “linkpartners”. They need a usability and easy way to manage their links.

If I can’t find out a way to manage links easy and intiuitve or to exclude all the link categories in the administration panel if I would like to mange my article categories I can’t use WP 2.1 .

I know that Matt wouldn’t hear that, I know to critize the new WP 2.1 is the best way to become a “persona non grata” in the world of wordpress.

(I know that because he has delete my comment about this.)

But I’m frustrated and I feel defenseless to explain that the new way to manage link categories is more than one step in the past.

regards with a deep-drawn sigh.


(I know that because he has delete my comment about this.)
Really? Wow… I thought that WordPress was supposed to be open to what the users think and want not just what the developers want.

I plan to do a blog post about it. I’m quite sure it will be spread around, as I have 2 plugins I maintain, so we shall see.

Moderator Matt Mullenweg



Monika, where did I delete your comments?

Hi Matt
You’ve written an article ~5.01.07
“Resolution ….”

You talk about things you should do.

“More releases”.
I comment and said in this or similiar words:
Please do not make *more* releases, please bring back the link categories,

do to more doesn’t mean to make things better..

… and so on.

I saw that this comment it was not in the moderation queue.
Two days later I would like to show another person of our team this comment and it wasn’t there.

If you have (have had ? english grammer is hard for me 🙁 ) edit my comment: Hi Monika please no wp – do it here and here or there.. OK this is your blog, your “homepage”.

But so it looks like for me: oh if someone said:wp is the greatest it is ok if not ==>persona non grata.

I hope you understand my meanings, I’m not angry about this, I’m sad about this and about wp2.1 because Ella is my absolut favorite jazz interpreter- if I would like to hear music than she with Luis Armstrong.



I agree. I wondered about the new link management system after the upgrade to 2.1, thinking to myself “this isn’t a logical way to manage the links”.

I have older versions of WP archived, maybe I’ll go back.

I installed WordPress 2.1 yesterday before the Superbowl. It went OK though I wonder if I got everything working… I also upgraded to Mint 2.0 tried to get “Bird Feeder” to work but spent most of my time dicking with the Gravatars, Gravatars2, Favatars, Comvatars plugins. I also got rid of the OpenID plugin which never seemed to quite work. I finally noticed that my links in my sidebar aint how they used to be and when I investigated I couldn’t find the option I wanted.

Previously I had three categories. I still do. But for one category I showed a random subset of the links in that category. Now it shows all of them, all the time. How do I get back the functionality I used to have, I think it was on the page that is missing.

In addition, some of the posts above are formatted really odly, they appear broken outside the natural border, at least in Opera on Mac OS X.

Monika I just have to say I admire your spirit and determination. And heck – is it bad to let off a bit of steam?. Good luck to you. Your rant will make a lot of people smile. 🙂 And your English is pretty darn good too.

Root, yeah, I have to agree with you. 🙂

I have a post about this (, and that is probably why there are many replies. But Matt also has cleared up any questions that I had about the link system, saying that it will come back and be better whats widgets are in the WordPress core. So… We shall see. 🙂

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