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  • I needed domain redirect and assumed this would be straightforward using a few htaccess rules – it is if you don’t mind modifying the default rules that WordPress sets for rewriting permalinks, etc. (Or maybe I just couldn’t find a working set of rules that worked without creating infinite redirect loops).

    But I’ve found that these default rules can be reset by a well known SEO plugin if you aren’t paying attention to the options set. In other words, it seems like a very good idea not to ever modify the default WordPress htaccess rules – as you can’t be sure when a plugin may reset them.

    So, if htaccess modification doesn’t seem the right solution a plugin was the way to go…

    I tried several other “redirect” plugins; none worked except for “Multidomain Redirect”. Fantastic.

    As McPringle has commented in the Support section, it would be nice if this plugin had 301 permanent redirection already. It isn’t difficult to add if you don’t mind inserting the extra line of code. (It would be nicer if the plugin itself provided back-end options on which kind of redirection you wanted.)

    To be clear insert the line:

    header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);

    above the line:

    header(“Location: $new_url”);

    in the /plugins/multidomain-redirect/main.php file.

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