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  • First of all, thank you very much for designing a plugin most WordPress users really need. I run a site dedicated to screening original educational material at the hour, akin to TV programming. When I first began using TAO Schedule Update last July 22, it freed me from previous months’ worth of literally guarding the clock every hour I possibly can just to make sure our scheduling doesn’t stop even for a bit – sometimes it still did, of course, but that was before I found out about your plugin. At least that’s what I thought at first.

    Worrying about our content not changing at the hour was supposed to be a thing of the past. However, I noticed early on that the TAO plugin does not update continuously, most of the time just skipping an update and moving on to the next. I held back against giving a review then since I thought that I want to trust the service you built, which I didn’t pay for anyway, so I’ll give it more time. Months passed and the update skips happened less and less. So I decided to give the plugin a really definitive test of its abilities. Starting October 1, I scheduled a month’s worth of updates (usually I just do a week’s worth) to see if the plugin can take it. Now that the month is ending, I can finally say without a doubt that the plugin still does not work as smoothly as it should.

    Maybe it’s because it was not made for this kind of heavy-duty scheduling, but while it works most of the time – brilliantly, I might add – it still fails sometimes, and nobody wants to subscribe to a TV-like online channel which only works four out of five times.

    Example 1, just this morning:
    Example 2, after my manual update:

    Best of luck and hopefully this problem gets sorted out. Thank you very much!

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