• This is an amazing solution for site optimization!

    Solved most of the remaining issues on Google Page Speed Insightes with it, – with no code editing! (I am not a programmer)

    Automatic minifyers are good, but they can’t decide (at least not yet) what should be not minified, but completely unloaded all together (thus with auto-minify site still remains clogged with unused css and js, and Google remains unhappy): this plugin puts control in to the hands of site creator.

    And it was unexpectedly easy to use for no-pro: one just should read a couple of pages included right in the plugin on back-end.

    And this reading was actually worth every minute spent on it, regardless of plugin it self: as author put in a really compact and very clear manner a number of concepts, that imho worth understanding for ppl dealing with sites.

    Many thanks!
    Definitely moving to pro just to show my appreciation for a great job done!

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