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  • Hi, i’m using this plugin and ì’m very satisfied .. i manage two similar sites in wordpress but from a week in one, the briefcase folder show only the directory but not the files inside .. when i click on directory the page refresh but not show the files inside. I’ve looked to the shortcode .. it’s the same for the two sites but one not display the files. Please help, thanl you.


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  • Plugin Author thomstark


    Are you using a symlink? If so, do you have Allow Symlinks enabled on File Away settings?

    Do you have .. in any of your Base or Sub settings/attributes?

    What type of server are you using? (Windows, Linux?)

    Is your Site URL the same as your WordPress URL in WP General Settings, or is it different? If different, what is your Root Directory setting on File Away Settings?

    What are some examples of subdirectory names that aren’t working?

    The reason the subdirectories are not working is because they are not resolving as real paths for some reason. We need to isolate the cause of that.

    Plugin Author thomstark


    So you’re saying it works fine on one site, but not on the other site.

    So the object here is to figure out what the different between the two sites is.

    Hi, i’ve noticed that if i log in with admin user i can see all the user folder and the files in also.
    But the registered users can see only the folder not the files inside.
    Since a few weeks ago all works without problems. I don’t make any changes.
    Hope it helps you for understanding the mistake.

    Plugin Author thomstark


    That’s a peculiar situation. Can you show me your shortcode? What are the permissions settings on your directories?

    My shortcode is:
    [fileaway base=1 showto=”administrator” makedir=”true” manager=”true”][fileup base=1 showto=”administrator” matchdrawer=”true”][fileaway hidefrom=”administrator” base=1 sub=”fa-userid” makedir=”true” directories=”true”]

    The same code in the other site works well
    The folder’s permission is set to 755 on the two sites.
    The only difference is that on the site that works the wordpress root is /public_html
    while on the site that don’t works is /public_html/wp
    but always works well since two week ago .. i have no idea.

    Plugin Author thomstark


    Have you installed or updated any plugins or themes within the past two weeks?

    Plugin Author thomstark


    Can you give me an example of what the administrator sees versus what the non-administrator sees? You can send screenshots to

    Hi, uhm yes, in fact on the site that does not work there are some more plugins.

    I will try to disable those that are not present on the site that works and I update you.

    Hi, i think that i’m near the solution.
    Unlike what was said previously, users are unable to access files in both sites but only administrators.
    I tried to make a user a administrator and then he was able to access the files. Obviously something must be changed in the display / write permissions of the wordpress roles.

    It should be understood at this point which permission to enable without compromising the security of the site.

    OK i found the error!
    This is my url: mysite/public_html/wp-content/uploads/briefcase
    The briefcase folder is numeric like a user id.

    But inside the briefcase there is another folder called by the name of the user.
    (e.g. 233/Marco Merluzzi)
    This last folder is not resolved!
    I tried to put these files directly in the 233 folder and see them.

    I need to resolve the folder called Marco Merluzzi .. How can i do?
    Before all works perfectly but now nope.

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