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  • Anyone else having problems with this plugin? I installed it and it says the plugin is active, but it doesn’t do anything to the existing comments.

    Also, when I try to update it, I get the message “Your attempt to edit your settings has failed.”

    I don’t have any special comments.php pages or special placements or anything, so I have no idea where the problem might be.

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  • I believe you have to edit the comments.php file. Read the installation notes.

    I looked at the install.txt file that came with the plugin, but it didn’t say anything about hard editing the comments.php file.

    Was it somewhere else?

    Okay, I download the plugin and it was pretty clear on what you have to do.

    #1: You should have a comments.php in your theme’s directory, backup that.
    and then … follow the instructions:

    2) Copy briansthreadedcomments.php to <top>/wp-content/plugins/
    3) Copy comments.php to <top>/wp-content/themes/<yourtheme>/
    4) Activate brians threaded comments from the plugin page

    NOTE: There IS a comments.php file that comes withe the plugin. Double check or download a new copy of the plugin.

    It’s probably necessary to edit your comments.php to match the style but you will have to test that out on your own first.

    Thanks for all the help so far, haochi :).

    I did notice that extra comments.php file, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I did everything up to step 2 so far.

    I just wanted to make sure I do this right. So do I *replace* my current comments.php file with the one the plugin provides? Or do I take the code and insert it into my current php file? I’m still a little confused about this part…

    Alright, I did it and everything’s working fine, so thanks for all the help again, haochi 🙂

    Now I have a new issue, the comments look plain, I know this will probably require custom coding, but is there any way I could apply my theme’s colors, styles, etc. to the new comments.php page?

    I’m not very familiar with php, so I’m not sure just how much work needs to go into applying everything to the new format.

    [Edited: Ignore this – Haochi]

    OK, now I have no idea what went wrong, I just tried altering the settings and I’m getting the error again. It was working fine last night. I get the threaded comments and everything, but no changing the settings.

    The only editing I did was to the briansthreadedcomments.php CSS section, and changed a couple colors around.

    hello, i am able to get the nested comments to work (], but when i try to edit the option, i also get the “Your attempt to edit your settings has failed” error.

    i was trying to set the max nesting level and separate trackbacks options, so i found the fields in the database. i set the nesting level from 3 to 5. i also set the separate trackbacks from true to false because the trackbacks separated from the other comments and are showing up under the commment box. after i turned it off, the trackbacks disappeared, shouldn’t they now show up with the other comments, or did i misunderstand this feature?

    thanks in advance.

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